Today, event marketers are promoting more Facebook events than ever before. Over 700 million people use Facebook Events each month to market their events. 35 million people view a public event on Facebook every day (source).

This is happening because Facebook Events are one of the most powerful tools for getting the word out about your event and reaching fans. But what happens when an event marketer has more than 30 upcoming events? How do they manage it all?

The Challenge

Event promotion is crucial to the performance of a Facebook event. When you are planning an event, you want lots of people to know about it and talk about it. The more people that show interest, the more people attend the event.

Managing the promotion of numerous Facebook Events is messy and challenging. Boosting Facebook Events is simple, but often ineffective. Event Marketers should be launching new ad campaigns with a complete set of targeting options and parameters. However, this process depletes time and resources.

Today, we are excited to introduce The Automated Event RSVP Playbook—an entirely new way to launch Facebook Event Response campaigns. 

The Solution

Now you can maximize the visibility for your Facebook Event without sacrificing your time or the performance of your campaigns. 

The Automated Event RSVP Playbook will proactively template successful event response ad campaigns after your new event has been created on Facebook. Once your template is ready, it will notify you and allow you to approve and launch your campaign from any device, anywhere in the world.

If you would like, customize your templated campaign to accommodate events that vary in size and location. Schedule your campaign for a future date or save it as a draft to finish building it later. 

With the Playbook’s Insight view, you can access all your events and their promotion status in one place. This view provides a breakdown of promotion performance by event and allows you to launch a promotion for events that have their campaign templates ready.


Event marketers that want to easily manage all of their Facebook Events and launch successful ad campaigns from any device should use the The Automated Event RSVP Playbook.

This Playbook is a premium feature. Add to any base plan for an additional $50/month.

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