From the beginning, ToneDen focused on developing the best tools for creators to build and grow their audiences online. Fans today are fragmented across a number of social and streaming platforms where they consume and engage with content in a variety of ways. We’ve made it easy for anyone to bring their fans together around their content regardless of platform or service.

Acquiring fans across social media is actually just half of the equation. For us, two bigger questions remained:

  1. How do you get fans to keep coming back?
  2. How do you find new fans to buy what you’re selling?

Building the type of fan relationships that drive up consumption and revenue means understanding who your fans are and knowing how to engage them consistently. Today, this requires an incredible amount of sophistication beginning with acquiring the right data, investing in fragmented services and agencies, and then formulating a strategy that works.

We think that building relationships with your fans shouldn’t be this complicated.

We spent the last 6 months building a beautifully integrated solution for engaging your fans. We worked with thousands of awesome creators and professional marketers alike, learning and iterating along the way to build one amazing platform for anyone to reach their fans.

A simple way to understand your audience

We knew that in order to simplify fan engagement, we needed to start with an interface to manage and understand an audience. Our new segmenting within Engage allows you to explore and visualize exactly who your fans are.

As you continue to capture fans across different social and streaming platforms, our technology will help you unify that data and keep it together in one place. This greatly simplifies engaging the right fans at the right place and at the right time.

Target the right fans

The way in which fans interact with and consume content across the internet has changed dramatically. Social and streaming platforms have matured with billions of active users that freely choose where to engage with your content. It’s important to identify and connect with those fans where it matters most.

Our interface helps you easily segment your fans by streaming platform, social network, social interests, and location. This allows you to be intentional about reaching your fans in a way that is personal and direct.

A straightforward way to reach your existing fans

Effective communication is a key component of engaging your audience. For years, we’ve seen creators and brands communicate with their fans in a robotic and soulless fashion. Fans today want to feel like you are speaking to them personally.

Our new messaging features serves to keep your existing fans coming back.

We’re starting with the messaging channel that everyone knows best: email. Email remains one of the only mediums of communication that is cross channel and accessible on any device. We wanted to make speaking to fans through email incredibly straightforward, with a minimal interface that simplifies the complexities of email marketing.

With our audience segmenting features built-in, crafting the right message to the right fans helps you communicate meaningfully. This makes it easy to rapidly engage your existing fans on the ideal channel when it matters most.

Messages designed to convert

By testing and learning from thousands of different emails, we built a single email template that looks amazing on every device, is customizable to clearly represent your brand, and is expertly designed to get your fans’ attention. We wanted to minimize the time spent on creating templates while maximizing the number of fans that perform the desired action.

We’re also introducing a deeper kind of email tracking that helps you understand exactly who is engaging with your emails. Our system will learn from the fans that open and click in your emails, and constantly improve your segments to make sure you’re building the best relationships with the fans that value your content the most. This kind of automatic targeting makes sure you’re able to get your fans to engage with your content repeatedly.

Email helps you engage with the fans that already know who you are, but how can you find new ones that may want what you’re selling? We found the answer in social advertising.

An automated way to find and convert new fans

Over 2.3 billion people use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every month. The average person spends 2 hours on these channels daily. Social media is where your fans are, and advertising is how you can get in front of them.

Today, social advertising remains complex and misunderstood. From targeting the right fans to creating compelling ads, we heard a lot of frustration. Marketers are wasting time, money, and energy trying to do social advertising successfully. ToneDen Engage fixes this.

Our new advertising features helps you find and convert millions of new fans with social advertising on autopilot.

We spent months working with thousands of advertisers to perfect a single interface. It requires no technical knowledge to use, automates the most complex tasks, and delivers better conversion than your average ad agency. Our goal was to make social advertising accessible for anyone.

Targeting the right fans

Targeting is one of the biggest challenges in social advertising. We built a targeting engine to take all of your fan data and figure out who your best fans are. We’ll identify the fans that repeatedly consume your content, isolate their common characteristics, and even narrow in on similar social interests and habits. The result is an ideal fan profile or buying persona that can help us discover millions of similar fans across Facebook, Instagram, and more.

When you put your content in front of the people who are actually interested in it, you get an exceptional conversion rate. With each campaign, our technology learns more about what makes your best converting fans truly unique, constantly optimizing your audience targeting to keep costs low and conversion high.

Your own advertising expert

People spend countless hours trying to figure out how to create the best converting ad. We make this incredibly simple with an interface that allows you to effortlessly add all your creative content and copy. Our system will then test every possible combination of creatives.

With this approach, we’re able to identify which ads are resonating with your audience. Poor performing creatives are automatically switched off, making sure the best ad is put in front of your audience, naturally improving conversion further.

Stretching every advertising dollar

Optimizing how your advertising budget is spent is complicated and time consuming. To make this more efficient, we designed a set of algorithms that help monitor how every one of your ads is performing. Our system will shift your budget in real-time to make sure you’re spending your advertising dollars on the best performing ads targeting your best converting audience.

Our new advertising solution is fine tuned to help you break down the complexities of social advertising. We wanted to empower everyone with the tools to reach new fans on Facebook without having to be a social media expert or needing to hire an expensive agency.

Our team is incredibly excited to bring the new Engage product to you.

We believe it will be a perfect complement to our fan acquisition tools that thousands of creators and marketers use daily to build their audiences. Engage makes your fan data truly actionable. Together with Engage, the ToneDen platform provides you with the best centralized marketing solution to build and grow long-lasting value for your brand and business.

ToneDen is a new way to build and engage your audience. Our advertising solutions and messaging platform helps you directly reach the fans that matter. If you have any questions on building an awesome audience, we’re always here to help. Shoot us an email at

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