Want a guaranteed way to get signed by a major record label in 2020? Try having your song going viral on TikTok. It’s easy … as long as you’ve got a spare $30,000 lying around your bedroom.

The days of straightforward, inexpensive viral marketing campaigns on TikTok are over. The same techniques that led Y2K's "Lalala" & Doja Cat's "Say So" to go viral are still available, only at a big premium.

There’s good news, though. It is possible to grow on TikTok without having stacks of cash lying around. In fact, you can grow on TikTok the same way TikTok got its users: through Instagram Advertising! 

Did you know that TikTok's 2019 advertising budget was one billion dollars? Yup. One billion with a B! Most of that went to Instagram and Snapchat. 

ToneDen's TikTok Growth Playbook lets you grow on TikTok through Instagram Advertising. Thankfully, there’s no billion-dollar marketing budget required!

While TikTok has launched its own ads platform, there are two big drawbacks to using it for now:

Interest targeting isn’t available. This means you can't target people who are fans of "Pop Music" or of a specific artist like "Doja Cat".

TikTok’s ads platform has a minimum spend requirement: currently, $140 per week. That’s no billion with a b or $30k for that matter, but it’s still steep.

We're confident TikTok will improve upon these features soon—and hopefully provide an API similar to Facebook. When that happens, we’ll be able to let you build TikTok Ads straight from the ToneDen UI.

In the meantime, grow on TikTok through ToneDen!

Get more exposure, land on the For You page, and watch demand for your TikTok profile soar. 

It's easy. Here's how it works:

1. Select Accounts

The first step is to choose the Facebook advertising account, Facebook Page and/or Instagram Account you want the campaign to be created under in the Select Accounts section.

2. Set Schedule

Select an End Date and Select an End Time for your campaign. If you want your campaign to run continuously, you can check the Run my ad campaign continuously button.

3. Select Your TikTok Profile

Type in your TikTok username without the @ symbol. This will send users to your TikTok profile when they swipe up on your ads.

4. Customize/Generate Interest Audiences

Enter who you want to target on Instagram by selecting their interests. Take note of your potential reach below. If you're an artist and would rather target interests based on Spotify, select Generate Interests from Spotify.

5. Set Budget

Set a daily budget between $5-$30 for your campaign. For growth campaigns, we always recommend sustained spending stretched out over a long period of time versus a typical 7-10 day campaign.

6. Upload/Design Instagram Story Ad Creative

Add and customize your Instagram Story ad creative here in this step. For image, select +Add Image. You can upload images from your Ad Account and Facebook Page Library. Or you can Design Your Own via our Canva integration.

We highly recommend creating a video formatted for Instagram Stories Ads prior to making your TiKTok Growth Playbook campaign. You can learn best practices & how to make the ad creative that applies to any growth campaigns in the following guide: Ad Creative Best Practices, How To's, and Examples.

7. Review and Launch Playbook

After you've double-checked everything and created a Playbook Name for this campaign, press Launch Playbook Campaign and you're just moments away from growing on TikTok!

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