It began with a birthday bash in Los Padres National Forest, a hundred friends partying in the woods. That’s when Jesse “Y2” Shannon, Marketing Director at DoLaB, co-organized the event that would become Lightning in a Bottle, one of the most successful festival franchises in the country. Originally from Pennsylvania, Y2 moved out to California to do something creative — an understatement for what he’s part of with Do LaB.

“That’s what we thrive on, that’s why we didn’t want regular jobs,” he tells ToneDen. “We build structures and cool stages and book music and create workshops — all to create a really powerful, meaningful experience that inspires people.”

Lightning in a Bottle is the centerpiece of Do LaB’s events portfolio. 30,000 people attend this five-day festival in Bradley, California: it’s the size of a small city or a big town, packed with campers, tents, propane tanks, and all the good vibes.

Marketing a festival of this magnitude is no small feat. For Y2, running campaigns used to mean hours of management on a daily basis. But these days, with ToneDen, that’s changed.

Facebook Advertising in Half the Time

“We obviously rely heavily on Facebook advertising,” Y2 says. “It’s the by-far best tool for marketing a festival. Facebook makes it pretty easy to do a lot of testing of messages and media and targeting … but it can be very labor-intensive.”

ToneDen, on the other hand, makes all that testing near instantaneous.

“I had this very complicated, large campaign happening and I created a similar version in ToneDen. It took less than half the time to set up.”

ToneDen’s new Playbooks take efficiency to the next level. And, as Y2 saw when he used the Event Announce Playbook for Lightning in a Bottle 2018, they also yield jaw-dropping results.

Forget multiple, isolated campaigns that you have to set-up and micro-manage. Playbooks consolidate the marketing process by linking related goals. For the Event Announce Playbook, those goals are selling tickets and building a list of Facebook Messenger subscribers, fans sure to buy tickets, and buy tickets fast.

Stage 1: Event Announcement Engagement

The first stage of the Event Announce Playbook is an engagement campaign. When Do LaB announced Lightning in a Bottle, they reached more than 162k fans.

Stage 2: Event On-Sale Subscribe for Reminder

In the second phase of the campaign, a Messenger reminder is sent to fans who’ve expressed interest in being alerted to the on-sale. Over 200 Lightning in a Bottle fans subscribed to their Messenger channel.

Stage 3: Event On-Sale Reminder to Buy Tickets

On the date of the on-sale, everyone who engaged positively with the Facebook engagement ad will be automatically sent a message with a link to buy tickets.

By spending just under $450, Lightning in a Bottle added $121k — a walloping 270x ROAS.

Messenger, Y2 finds, reinvigorates open rates. Whereas Do LaB’s email open rates were languishing at 15–20%, Messenger opens are closer to 50%.

This kind of result is a testament to the value of ToneDen — which gives Y2 the freedom to be more creative in his work at Do LaB.

“By saving specifically myself time, and allowing us to automate a lot of the advertising, I’ve been able to just focus more on the content side. The marketing team here is in the best place it’s ever been. We’re putting out great content that the audience is really responding to. Having the time to do that is so key, and having a tool that helps automate such a key piece of the puzzle, the advertising , has really helped.”

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