“We make up our own reality,” Timothy Leary once said, and lord bazel knows the papa of psychedelics speaks the truth. A rising fine jewelry star out of LA, lord bazel’s reality is a heady, luxurious trip — hot tubs and aliens, Hollywood Hills and Joshua Tree, champagne, spaceships, and all the gold.

“The fine jewelry market was missing something,” lord bazel, the creator of his eponymous brand, tells ToneDen. “Tiffany & Co, Cartier: I felt like they didn’t capture true creativity when it comes to jewelry for younger generations. It gets even more dire when you look at the fine jewelry options for men. I knew I had to create something different.” 

Different is gold pendants inspired by psychedelic experiences. After the preliminary success of the Woke Smiley, lord bazel officially launched in October 2019 with an expanded brand identity and product line: aliens, spaceships, and chains, in 10k and 14k solid gold.

That’s when lord bazel turned to ToneDen. “When you create something unique that isn’t readily available in the market, you’re going to stand out,” he says. “As an eCommerce company, a majority of our sales come through the Instagram sales channel. Being able to target people who engaged with our page in addition to a lookalike audience: it was a huge game changer for us.” 

“I Was Hooked”

One-manning a fine jewelry line is a lot. “I handle anything and everything,” says lord bazel, “from jewelry concepting and design to marketing, content creation, and managing all operations of the business.”

The brand marks a new chapter for lord bazel — it’s his first time fabricating a physical product. In the mid-aughts he founded ImFlashy, a music and fashion website that saw a quarter-million uniques per month. After selling ImFlashy, he let ideas for the next thing incubate, admitting, “I never expected it to be jewelry.” 

But being receptive to the unexpected is at the heart of lord bazel’s ethos, which is why he frees up his marketing time with ToneDen. “When I learned about their simple, easy-to-use ads platform, I was hooked. Facebook Ads Manager can be quite cumbersome and involves a good amount of time to execute what I would need to. ToneDen solved that time issue for me and helped me launch powerful ads with little effort.”

Facebook Ads Manager can be quite cumbersome and involves a good amount of time to execute what I would need to. ToneDen solved that time issue for me and helped me launch powerful ads with little effort.

Not only does ToneDen save lord bazel time, it fine-tunes his targeting:

“We’re able to setup a robust workflow that contains a prospecting campaign for finding people who aren’t aware we exist. We couple that with a re-marketing campaign that loops in people who hit our store but didn’t end up purchasing anything. Being a luxury product that comes with a high price tag, we need to make sure we stay top of mind for those people because it will take some time to convert them.”

Retargeting: The Gold Standard 

That may be true, but lord bazel is seeing rapid conversions: “Today, for example, we had a IG Story ad hit someone who didn’t know about us and then they immediately purchased two pendants. ToneDen helps us put our content in front of the right people so they act on it.”

One of lord bazel’s most recent successes came in the form of a November remarketing campaigns, which turned the old Rule of Seven on its head. 

lord bazel spent just shy of $80 on the campaign, which targeted website viewers and people who’d engaged with the brand’s Instagram account. That ad spend reached more than 3000 people. 115 clicked on the ads and more than a third of those people added gold to their cart. At the end of the campaign, lord bazel’s ad spend had brought in more than $2,200a 28.4x return on ad spend

“It just proves that we can drive traffic to our site with great content on socials and get people to purchase,” he says. “A good brand helps but your good brand will only go so far. You need to make sure you’re reaching people — the right people.”

An Asset for eCommerce 

ToneDen affords lord bazel the time and energy for creative control. “It’s a blessing that I can launch an ad and I don’t have to monitor it because their technology does all of that babysitting for me. Instead of paying someone to do that, it does it for me.”

He’d recommend ToneDen to other “emerging eCommerce brands who are operating lean and mean,” but he knows the platform could be beneficial to other brands, too.

“Anyone who needs to save time and wants to target the right people at the right time with ease, use ToneDen. You’ll open up a whole new world of targeting capabilities and capitalize on the data you’re sitting on that’s likely going unused.”

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