Zach Tocco is the Head of Marketing for the Majestic Theatre Center. He wanted to build awareness and sell tickets online by launching a campaign on Facebook for an upcoming New Found Glory performance.

With the help of ToneDen’s full-service platform and automation tools, Zach was able to streamline the campaign creation process and efficiently utilize his ad spend. Here’s how he did it:

Automatic Audience Targeting

Zack utilized ToneDen’s Audience Creator to leverage New Found Glory’s fan data and Facebook’s geotargeting parameters. By doing this, he was able to test multiple audiences and allow ToneDen’s proprietary algorithms to reallocate his budget to the revenue-creating audiences. As a result, he maximized the efficiency of his ad spend.

Maximize the efficiency of your ad spend.

But Zach took his campaign a step further.

Creative A/B Testing

To ensure that his campaign was delivering the perfect ad to sell tickets to his audiences, Zach simply entered all of his creative options into ToneDen’s ad creation interface. ToneDen’s software automatically tested every possible creative combination to build the right ad to drive the most conversions.

Spend less time creating ads.

Zach saved time and created the best campaign possible by utilizing ToneDen’s ad technology. His New Found Glory campaign achieved great results, reaching over 5,000 interested ticket buyers and making him $32 for every $1 spent.

“ToneDen has changed the way I look at and leverage my data on Facebook by allowing me to target multiple quality audiences in one streamlined process. The lean interface puts Ad Manager’s most useful tools at my fingertips and the optimization automation means that I don’t have to constantly monitor and adjust the elements of my campaigns. All in all, I sleep easier running my live event Facebook ads through ToneDen.” — Zachary Tocco, Head of Marketing

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