Dead & Company at the Hollywood Bowl

Back to back nights with Dead & Company at the Hollywood Bowl is what I'm talking about.

The Hollywood Bowl is one of my favorite LA venues and seeing Summer shows there is unparalleled. Composed of the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Bob Weir, along with guitarist John Mayer, Dead & Company kick off their Summer tour right here in California. The stop has them performing back to back nights so for any Dead fan, it's an opportunity to get your fill.

Zachary Walker
Director of Social Marketing


Arches National Park

I've been dreaming about returning to Arches National Park since I visited Moab for a weekend climbing trip last month. The landscape there is so bizarre and beautiful, and we only scratched the surface of all the adventures the area has to offer.

Nick Elsbree


Scooters Hit Chicago

Scooters are coming to Chicago! We tried once and it lasted for about a week, but with summer around the corner they're giving it another go. With these, Chicagoans will be able to easily get around and enjoy the 8 weekends we have of pleasant beach weather!

Tommy Knecht
Director of Partnerships


Splash House

I’m currently extremely excited for my favorite summertime music festival, fittingly titled Splash House. Organized by Coachella promoter, Goldenvoice, Splashhouse happens each year in June and August. Imagine 3 luxurious hotel pools, with non-stop house and techno spinning thanks to fan-favorite DJs from all around the world. Well, that halfway sums up the magic of Splashy (as I lovingly call it!). Most attendees stay at one of the 3 hotels—making it easy to relax, dance or hydrate whenever you please. The weekend is also jam-packed with an evening afterparty at an Airplane Hangar and shuttle between locations, so you can hop around to catch awe-inspiring sets and ambiences at each establishment. (This means nobody drinks and drives—definitely something I can stand behind!)

Let's just say, Splashy is my heaven on Earth so be sure to check it out, if you're craving a guaranteed groovy time in the desert!

Janki Patel
Head of Sales


Barton Creek Greenbelt

With the temperature rising in Austin and some spring rain, Barton Creek Greenbelt--a 7-mile long creek bed--has been the perfect place to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. With over 7 miles of trails, plenty of places to get in the water, and some rock climbing this is one of my favorite spots in Austin to spend a few hours on the weekend. With the water flowing from the recent rain, the Spyglass entrance to the trail is our favorite spot to post up and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Best part is it's only a few miles from the heart of downtown Austin.

Sterling Witt
Sales Director


Weighted Blanket

This month (I probably sound like my Mom here), I'm extremely stoked on the weighted blanked I just got.

I've been using it every day since I bought it and don't think I've ever slept deeper in my life. I'd strongly recommend one of these to anyone that has a hard time falling asleep as it's certainly been a game changer for me!

Sam Jameson
Customer Success Manager


New ToneDen Hats

These new denim ToneDen hats are 🔥.

I think we need to start a merch line. Related fun fact for other non-musical dummies like me: the ToneDen logo is a fermata, a "symbol of musical notation indicating that the note should be prolonged beyond the normal duration its note value would indicate."

Nate Schier
Full Stack Engineer


SunSquares by Urban Remedy

I promise you this tastes exactly like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (maybe even better—actually—scratch that, way better!). They're unbelievably rich and creamy, and you would never know what the ingredients are. Vegan, organic, and free of peanuts and cane sugar, they're perfect for someone prone to food allergies...🤚🏼 I just can't stop eating these, someone stop me!

Mel Mabugat-Wagner
Marketing Director

Image result for hoteltonight



I just arrived in Miami for a friend's bachelor party when our group realized the Airbnb we initially booked was a scam. Airbnb's support team was helpful in getting us refund, but all other Airbnb's in the area were already booked.

Stranded with no place to stay for the night, I downloaded the HotelTonight app and we browsed the listings. The app lists the coolest hotels for half the price you would normally see. The whole booking experience was seem-less and we stayed in an incredible suite for the rest of the trip!

Jake Rush
Head of Ad Operations


LA's Kitten Crisis

Yes. It's not an exaggeration. Over the next several months, tens of thousands of kittens will end up in shelters like some kind of adorable horde of white walkers marching upon Winterfell.

Reasons for this influx include:

  • LA has an extra long feline mating season thanks to our great weather
  • LA is home to hundreds of thousands of feral cats

In fact, Los Angeles gets so many kittens each year that the city exports kittens to cities that have high demand for kittens like Seattle and Portland. Apparently there's a weigh station at the Burbank Airport exclusively for the little buggers.

Outside of the lucky ones that fly off, many of these kittens will be euthanized, notably kittens that are under 5 weeks old as they need to be bottle fed around the clock, which requires more resources than most shelters are able to provide. This is in stark contrast to kittens that are over 8 weeks old and are eligible for adoption.

Here is what you can do to help:

  • Foster a Kitten: ASPCA runs their own foster program to encourage citizens to foster kittens until they're eligible for adoption (i.e., finding a forever home)
  • Trap/Neuter Stray Cats: Fix Nation operates a free spay/neuter clinic for cats and offer tips on Trap-Neuter-Return Programs
Ali Shakeri


Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata

I'm getting a start on my summer reading with Convenience Store Woman by Sayaka Murata. This novel, which was a bestseller in Japan, examines gender, isolation, and work culture--all amid the fluorescence of a convenience. Right from the start, you know the narrator is hiding something and it's not just in the register till.

JoAnna Novak
Head of Education


Al Swearengen

I've been binging Deadwood, a western that aired on HBO back in the mid 2000's in which I've discovered the greatest television character of all time, Al Swearengen. Played brilliantly by Ian McShane, his complexly prosed monologues are peppered violently with profanity, to craft some of the most brilliantly versed scenes that I've ever seen. I can't get enough and am eagerly waiting for his return in the upcoming Deadwood movie.

Tim Thimmaiah

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