You joined ToneDen as Director of Demand Gen. Welcome! Tell us a little about what you'll be doing here.

Thanks so much for having me! My primary objective is to positively impact platform growth, expansion, and usage. ToneDen has quite the roster and my goal is to provide relevant, educational and nurturing content to all of our users throughout their journey. I’m excited to collaborate with both sales and marketing to build upon and optimize the touch points within the lifecycle of our customers!

Designer, brand consultant, content creator: how do these different hats you wear complement each other?

After almost a decade in traditional and digital advertising, I’ve been able to wear quite a few hats. I’ve been the designer, the consultant, the brand strategist, and the project manager. The common thread here is definitely the foundation of it all. I believe it’s important to have a wide understanding and empathetic approach to what it takes to bring creative and technology projects to life.

What got you interested in marketing?

If you didn’t start your creative or digital marketing career by customizing your Myspace and LiveJournal, does it really count? It kind of snowballed from there. I realized early on in my career that I was using a lot of decision based information to more purposefully design things, which piqued my curiosity to learn more about how to use data as a tool to optimize creative. Now, I’m defining processes that gets the right content in front of the right customer at the right time. It’s been a journey!

Favorite part about working in creative industries?

My favorite part about working in creative and technology is definitely the team. I’m thankful to have worked alongside so many incredible talented and driven designers, developers, engineers and strategists that have helped me lay the groundwork that’s brought me to this stage in my career.

There really is no greater thing than surrounding yourself with people who have the same drive and curiosity to create a great product.

You're based in Nashville. What do you love about the city? Some favorite hotspots?

I’ve lived in Nashville for a little over two years now and it’s truly an incredible city. The thing I love most about living here is the supportive community of artists, musicians and creatives. There are also some killer bars and restaurants. Two of my favorite spots are The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club and Nicoletto’s Pasta.

How do you express your creativity outside of work?

Cooking, for sure. I started working my way through cookbooks and the Healthyish feed on Bon Appetit a few years back and really love exploring new cuisines. Spinning up recipes and crafting meals, especially for friends and family, is my favorite labor of love.

Anything most people would be surprised to learn about you?

I learned how to drift on a snowmobile when I was 10 and yes, I can totally still do it.

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