Tell us about your role at ToneDen. What will you be doing as a Support Engineer?

Mostly helping our users when they run into (extremely rare!) bugs or other issues on our site. I'll also be working on improvements to our internal tools that will help out support and engineering, but also sales, marketing, and customer success, and eventually working on features for our website.

How long have you been in support? 

Just before starting, I did an engineering bootcamp called Thinkful, where I learned both front end and back end web development. Before that, I worked at a pair of LA based startups in marketing and customer success roles, and before THAT I worked at the Wall Street Journal for four years doing mostly customer experience design, which was a mix of more abstract user experience design and project management across technology, editorial, product, marketing, and customer service.

He’s come a long way from bumping shoulders with political elites at WSJ to helping us squash bugs!

That's an impressive evolution! What brought you to engineering?

Every place I worked, it seemed like the most interesting work was being done by the engineering teams. Even identifying and fixing bugs seemed way more compelling than my day to day work. I also love being able to build something.

When you're not at the monitor, what inspires you?

Feeling unburdened. I love LA, but getting out into the mountains (either hiking or on bicycle) is truly rejuvenating.

Asheville, North Carolina

You're an East Coast transplant. What do you love about Los Angeles? Where do you go when you miss New York?

I love that I can do stuff outdoors 350 days a year without having to check the weather forecast. I love the food; the San Gabriel Valley is filled with more different types of regional Chinese cuisine than I imagined existed before moving here. Honestly, downtown is the place to go when I miss New York. I had a moment crossing Pershing Square to pick up lunch last week where I felt profoundly like I was walking across Manhattan, and it brought a huge smile to my face.

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