You were a ToneDen user before you joined the team. Can you tell us how you made the leap?

I moved to Los Angeles about four years ago, and within the first few months ended up meeting with Ali and a business partner to discuss the platform / its capabilities. Was honestly blown away with the capabilities and saw the vision of the company and what it could become for social advertising after that meeting. Was completely sold after that and shared the tool with every manager and marketer that I could! After a while of using it, I stumbled across a post that Ali made in the ToneDen FB group, reached out, met the amazing team here, and started about two months later! It’s honestly been incredible so far. So many things to accomplish, but it’s great being able to work with people like the people here at the company. Now, I’m focusing on helping customers become highly effective while using the platform and developing new strategies to help our label and artist manager specific customers! Some crazy things in the works for 2020 :)

Crafthaus, the entertainment and marketing agency you run, is all about empowering creativesand throwing good parties. What's Crafthaus's story?

When I moved to LA, my business partner and I decided to form a company to look after the artists that we manage and offer marketing services. We have so much experience throwing events that we occasionally throw our own when time permits! Last one we did in September ended up with 800+ people at an underground warehouse in LA with some of the best music—and yes, I used ToneDen to run all the marketing! Most of my focus right now is on ToneDen. I'm helping my artists grow on in the evenings and weekends.

What drew you to the entertainment industry?

An old friend of mine introduced me to house music and dance music by inviting me to Ultra Music Festival followed by Ibiza in 2009. After experiencing both, I was completely hooked. I started managing one of my good friends that I’m still working with today—he had an incredible year this year. We started booking our own events in Atlanta utilizing our college network of friends and had some early success. This led to more events, working with the largest promoter in the city, picking up a larger roster over time while throwing these massive events and finally moving to LA to take on the world. 

Where do you see entertainment and music marketing heading in the next year?

Managers and creators are becoming smarter and more effective. People are starting to wake up and realize they have much more control over building their fan bases through social media than they think! You see this with so many artists creating their own labels now that they have control over their data, distribution, etc. I feel it will become very segmented over the next five to ten years. Data is becoming such an important factor in all of this—what used to be a gut feeling about, say, who gets signed is now influenced by data. I’m very excited for the next five to ten years: The playground is becoming balanced. Talent is going to excel instead gatekeepers having all the power to determine who breaks as an artist or not. 

When you're not helping ToneDen customers succeed and artists like Madeaux build their fanbase, how do you like to spend your time? 

I’m obsessed with music! If I'm not listening to it, I'm watching it live on the weekends with my LA circle of music-lover friends. As I’m getting older (29 now), I'm getting deeper into health and starting to cut out some bad habits I've developed over the years. Trying to incorporate yoga into my life as well, but all in due time!

You're based in LA. Who's throwing the best parties?

Everyone is so dope, honestly—so many great promoters here! Here’s a list of some of the best promoters in the electronic scene for LA and a few global brands that I love: Gate, 6AM, Insomniac, Framework, LOST Presents, L'Affaire Musicale, Sound Nightclub, All Day I Dream, Anjunadeep, and Afterlife.

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