You recently celebrated one year at ToneDen. Congratulations! Tell us a little about your role here.

I am the Director of Sales here at ToneDen. I am responsible for our outbound sales metrics. Being that we are a startup with a small team, we all wear many different hats to get the job done. But my main focus day in and day out is to bring new clients in the door to adapt our tech into their workflow.

What got you interested in sales?

I think my interest in sales comes from my athletic background. My life was heavily influenced by sports from as early as I can remember all the way through college. My competitive nature and desire to work with others on a team made sales a natural place for me to find myself in my professional career. Also the fact that you eat what you kill in a sales role. It's hard to imagine myself in a position where my performance doesn't determine my outcome. I like having the ability to have influence on my outcome which sales gives you that opportunity.

You transitioned from a mid-size investment management firm to small—but mighty!—start-up. Favorite part about working for a start-up?

Having the autonomy to incorporate changes into systems and processes. Everyone is always looking for ways to improve not only our product, customer service, and overall brand, but we're also always working together to squeeze the most out of what we have.

There's a sense of ownership you have at a small start-up that leads you to be more creative in the way you think about growing a business.

You're based in Austin. What do you love about the city? Some favorite hotspots?

Just about everything. I remember telling someone about seven years ago that I would never live in Texas. I've lived in Austin for almost five years now and I can't imagine ever leaving. Downtown Austin has everything you would expect from a large metropolitan city (minus a professional sports team). Incredible music venues, great restaurants, cool bars, hip coffee shops, a world-class music festival, and what feels like an endless amount of new places/events to check out. Lady Bird Lake runs through downtown and features a ten-mile trail and numerous locations to rent paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, etc. Right outside of downtown you have Barton Creek Greenbelt, a short drive you have Lake Austin, and a little bit of a further drive you have Lake Travis. The mix of city living and nature form a pretty special bond here in the capital city of Texas.

How do you express yourself outside of work?

Fitness, friends, and golf. If I'm not working or reading, I'm either running, working out, doing yoga, playing golf, or hanging out with friends. I don't like to sit still and rarely take the time to sit down and watch a movie or tv show. Golf is my biggest hobby and I usually get out and play any chance I get.

Anything most people would be surprised to learn about you?

When I was a little kid I wanted to play professional baseball during the week and then drive NASCAR on the weekends.

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