Quinn Kim’s commute is lined with stars. When your desk is in the Hollywood Pantages, the grand Art Deco theater on the corner of Hollywood and Vine, glitz is everywhere. It’s easy to forget owner Alexander Pantages liked to boast that his architect B. Marcus Priteca specialized in glamour on a shoestring. Anyone, Pantages said, “can make a place look like a million dollars by spending a million dollars, but it’s not everybody who can do the same thing with half a million.”

Wisely allocating your resources is always good business. That’s why Quinn Kim loves ToneDen. Kim is the Marketing and Publicity Coordinator at Nederlander Concerts, an arm of hundred-year-old Nederlander Organization, which owns Pantages. Because even if the offices are flanked by palm trees and stars, Nederlander needs to fill seats just like anyone else.

Kim knows firsthand what makes those seats special. A longtime fan of Nederlander ’s shows, she was thrilled to join their team but couldn’t help being frustrated by lagging ad campaigns, especially given the time they took to create.

That’s when trusted client, Common Kings, a rock-reggae-island group, mentioned ToneDen. Valuing the referral, the team at Nederlander Concerts checked out the digital social marketing platform. They were immediately into what ToneDen was about.

“When we tested out the platform,” Kim says, “it was cool to see the A/B features for copy, video and graphics — how we were able to build several audiences in one campaign … that’s what set us off.”

These days, ToneDen helps Nederlander Concert’s marketing and publicity team work more efficiently.

“ToneDen really saves us time,” Kim says. “We’ll do pre-sale campaigns or on-sale campaigns, and there’s reminders — once you’ve created an ad, it’s easy to go ahead and duplicate the ad, just changing a few details like budget or copy or running schedules.”

With ToneDen’s ad creation interface, designing a campaign is as simple as uploading images or drafting a few lines of copy. After that, ToneDen’s toolkit automatically test all possible combinations of words and images to build the ad that will land the most conversions.

At Nederlander Concert’s, Kim’s Iron & Wine campaign saw a 10.9x ROIs. With ads that received 404 engagements, 58 comments and 24 shares, this was a massive success. Kim attributes the success, in part, to ToneDen’s audience builder, which lets her target fans of an artist, patrons of a venue, people in multiple demographics, and more. “In marketing, targeting is one of the most important things,” Kim says.

“ToneDen has helped up us narrow down our audience and tell us how we can improve our ad campaigns. As a result? Huge ROIs, better streamlined ads.”

You wouldn’t take a metalhead to a country western show: in essence, this is the logic behind targeting. Understanding your audience’s tastes and preferences for everything from image to copy is crucial to crafting messages that lead to conversions. But connecting the dots — figuring out which ads are reaching which viewers — is a more-than full-time job. ToneDen’s algorithms eliminate the 24–7 supervision, freeing your time up for more meaningful work.

That’s what Kim has found: “Once the ads are created and duplicated, I have time to focus on more organic social media posts for all our venues and accounts, and also focus on our emails and building our weekly newsletters.”

You don’t have to work in Hollywood to be a marketing superstar. Visit ToneDen to discover how your brand can see the success Nederlander Concert’s did.