With offices in more than ten countries, ONErpm is an international powerhouse. Founded in Brazil, the company oversees global digital music distributing, and so much more — everything from video distribution to rights management— for the labels, brands, and creators they represent.

Jany Calderón, based out of ONErpm’s Mexico City office, is on the Artist Marketing: Label Services team. Jany focuses on spreading the word about ONErpm’s artists and their music — many of whom are rising stars in the streaming space (i.e., YouTube or Spotify). Jany knows that marketing is only half the story for ONErpm because good marketing, at its most powerful, leads to growth.

Jany Calderón, Artist Marketing: Label Services, ONErpm

“We work with percentages so it’s important for the music and artists to grow” Jany tells ToneDen. “ONErpm provides solutions for the artists and that’s what ToneDen has been for us — a lot of new tools that we can use to help grow our artists.”

Accommodating the Artist

Things were different prior to teaming up with ToneDen, Jany tells us. “Before, we were providing resources through another company but it was tough because they charge for each [artist]. So we ended up using it for just a few of our big artists.” And, truth be told, it’s not always easy for emerging performers to snag a marketing budget. Making music is already a hustle — and that’s before an act even begins getting their name out there.

But ToneDen solved this problem for Jany. After a brief trial, Jany began running contests through the platform’s most basic subscription. She was so pleased with her experience — and the results — that she upgraded, and decided to help her colleagues get in on a good thing.

“We found a lot of value in the advertising and ad efficiency,” Jany says. “We showed this value to our CEO and decided to move forward.”

Now those limitations for up-and-coming musicians are a thing of the past. “[With] ToneDen’s membership for the whole company,” Jany reports, “we can give more tools to artists that don’t have a budget. We work with a lot of volume — huge artists and small — so it’s really cool for us to be able to provide the same tools to artists that are still developing.”

A Pilot Points to Smashing Success

Jany’s Mexico City division isn’t the only branch of ONErpm that’s found ToneDen beyond useful. After learning about the platform from Blogger Amber Horsburgh, teams across ONErpm showed interest (from São Paulo to New York City to Nashville) and ToneDen developed an exclusive pilot for the company, complete with personal consultations and concierge-grade support.

The three-month program was comprehensive. In the first month, ToneDen reviewed ONErpm’s status quo and assessed room for optimization; they provided training for teams across the company and around the globe. Step-by-step, ToneDen helped these divisions launch their initial campaigns.

The pilot’s second month showed ONErpm just how vital ToneDen can be to an international company’s success. After reviewing the first month’s results, ToneDen worked with individual teams to develop cutting-edge music marketing strategies, tailored to each team’s needs.

In the final month of the pilot, ONErpm saw the change in their ROI and the massive impact on workflow.

The numbers say it all. They show ToneDen to be a one-stop shop for every machination of social marketing, facilitating contests, ads, and every kind of engagement in between. With ToneDen, ONErpm created 100+ artist sub-accounts, 30+ social unlocks, nearly 70 contests, and 7 FanLinks. Of the almost 200 ad campaigns ONErpm teams created, more than 75% of those went live.

Giving Artists — and the People Marketing Them — an Advantage

For Jany Calderón, ToneDen is a resource to constantly explore. She never knows what new tool will be available — or which of her marketing wishes will be granted. Recently, she asked if ToneDen would be developing “something for YouTube since I do release planning.” A few conversations (and team scrums) later, “now that feature exists.”

But ToneDen benefits more than just the big guys, whether those big guys are companies, like ONErpm, or musicians. “I always recommend ToneDen to artists,” Jany says.

“Especially if they want to do things on their own. It’s really easy to use, and it’s clear how everything works. Anybody can use it.”

And who knows? With the right tools, a commitment to smart growth, and plenty of drive, anybody can become somebody.

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