Since the ’90s, the methods of direct marketing online have remained more or less consistent. For every marketer, brand, or businesses, the ability to effectively reach their audience directly has been confined to a single channel: email.

However, in just a few short years, the expansion of social media combined with the sweeping adoption of the smartphone has inspired a shift in how people interact with each other. Digital communication today is dominated not by email but instantaneous and rapid mobile messaging.

Messenger is quickly becoming the new email

Today, mobile messaging is massive. Over 2 billion people actively use messaging apps every month to communicate not only with each other but with brands and businesses. Facebook Messenger is leading the charge in providing over 60M businesses with a channel to converse directly with their customers.

It’s clear that people prefer being able to interact with businesses on Messenger. Messaging helps create a more personal experience for the user leading to one of the most essential qualities of the relationship between a potential customer and brand: trust.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new set of tools and features to empower every marketer, business, and brand to easily build customer relationships using Facebook Messenger.

Introducing Messenger Broadcasts

Simple tools to quickly build your Messenger Audience

Our social marketing tools, used by thousands of creators and marketers every day, now come with a one-click action for people to instantly subscribe to receive messages from you through Messenger. In just a few minutes, you can craft beautiful campaigns to quickly expand your Messenger Audience across your websites and apps.

Customize and send direct messages to your entire Messenger Audience

Right now, it’s cumbersome to bulk message your Messenger audience. That’s why we’ve made it incredibly easy to broadcast to all of your Messenger subscribers. With tailored and personalized direct messages, now you can inform, engage, and convert like you would through email — only on a channel that’s more likely to help you win new customers faster.

You’ll be able to design gorgeous, conversational messages complete with images, videos, and call to actions perfectly built to get your audience to engage. Schedule and broadcast timely messages to help your subscribers feel like you’re speaking directly to them.

Track, measure, and repeat

Our new Messenger broadcasting feature wouldn’t be complete without the ability to show you how engaging your audience on Messenger helps you build better relationships and drive sales. For every message you broadcast to your subscribers, we’ll show you how they performed, how many people read and clicked, and how you can continue to better engage your most loyal subscribers.

Automation and beyond

But Broadcasts are really only the beginning of unlocking the full potential of Messenger. As more people become comfortable interacting directly with their favorite brand or business through Messenger, we’re working to simplify the complexities of delivering personalized and engaging experiences through the platform.

Soon you will be able to automate broadcasts based on the specific actions someone may perform on your website or app. Broadcasts will expand to include to send unique messages tailored to responses by the subscriber so you can automatically lead them through a conversation that will help them get the information they need or easily buy your product. With advertising inside of Messenger just a few months away, you will be able to build highly targeted Messenger ads that reach potential subscribers who are likely to buy or engage. With this new tool in your marketing arsenal, you’ll be way ahead of the curve.

We’re eager to see how you’ll be able to build the best relationships with your current audience and future customers through Messenger.

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