Poly&Co’s client list is a who’s who of cool. The NY-based marketing agency counts everyone you want to be shopping with as a client: Radically transparent clothier, Everlane. The green thumbs at The Sill. Swimwear sartorialist Flagpole. When it’s time to quaff: Vinfolio.

Julia Carrasquel, a digital strategist at Poly & Co (short for Polyphonic & Co), works with several of these brands. Whether the client’s in e-commerce or media, each has a unique story, a unique message, a unique audience. This is what’s integral to Poly: they cultivate a personalized approach to growth.

Personalized — and holistic. “Our job is to see the data, work with the data, test different types of campaigns and approaches,” Carrasquel explains. “With all that info, we grow their business, grow their customer base, and really optimize it to a point where we’re getting the most out of the least expense.”

Partnering with ToneDen, Poly & Co does just that — gets the most out of the least — regardless of the customer. “We’re always expanding our client type,” Carrasquel says, “not only working with small startups, but also with bigger established companies. ToneDen shifts itself well for different situations, different types of clients: that’s what makes it a really cool tool.”

Poly’s oldest client also happens to be one of its most niche. California-based Vinfolio lets oenophiles shop for (and invest in the proper cellaring of) wine. As Carrasquel sees it, Vinfolio is a “fun challenge,” one complicated by the restrictions surrounding alcohol advertising and the core clientele.

“Their customer base is not easy to find,” Carrasquel admits. “It’s a high-end product, interesting in how that affects our targeting when it comes to ads.”

For a recent campaign, Poly & Co used ToneDen to look at the kind of people being served Vinfolio’s ads. Carrasquel tested out audiences characterized by the interests they expressed and whether or not they’d subscribed to Vinfolio’s email lists, as well as those that matched the brand’s current customer profile (AKA lookalikes). She spent a little over $1,000.

Because Vinfolio is such a healthy client (red wine, good for the heart), there was room to learn. “This audience, once they get into Vinfolio, they do a lot of repeat purchasing,” Carrasquel says, something that ToneDen, initially, affirmed for her.

But then something unexpected happened. “When we began using ToneDen, a lot of people in these new audiences were actually converting at a first-touch point. What we thought would be simply testing CTR and engagement levels and traffic to the site became a converting possibility. We started to see how different audiences were performing better than others."

“Crazy returns. Out-of-this-world returns.”
“Vinfolio’s ROI had always been in the 50s or 60s. With ToneDen, we doubled that. It’s ridiculous, I know.”

Efficiency and Empathy?

Despite the ubiquity of personal technology and the proliferation of AI, automation still can get a bad rap. But Carrasquel sees ToneDen — and the processes the platform makes automatic — as imperative for marketers who want to get personal, not just with their clients, but their clients’ clients.

“Not having to manually make that decision of how much money to spend in which audience without really knowing much about how they would perform is one of the best things about ToneDen,” she says. “It really helps a marketer understand who’s driving the conversions. It humanizes the process in terms of keeping track of who our customer in that audience is.”

And humanizing is more than just about having a conscious. Understanding the type of person you’re selling to contributes to more efficient marketing, and an ROI as spectacular as what Poly saw for Vinfolio.

This is why Carrasquel recommends ToneDen for anyone in e-commerce, and especially brands that are ready to take their business to the next level. “If there are some budget limitations that you still need to test, anything from creative copy to actual targeting, ToneDen is a perfect way to do that,” she says. “It’s great for clients who are ready to scale and they want to do it well.”

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