Artists today know Spotify streams are key to virality, but landing a track on a hit TV show  or commercial— i.e., Breaking Bad —doesn’t hurt, either. Position Music, an independent publisher, record label and management firm, ensures its artists do both. 

“We’re unique in that Position Music is really good at ‘Synch,’” Paul Crary, Digital Marketing Manager at Position Music, tells ToneDen. “A lot of our artists’ music appears in TV shows, advertisements, movies, video games, etc and then in turn we get Shazams and streams.”

The value of Spotify streams can’t be overstated. With more than 271 million users and 124 million subscribers across 79 markets, streams grow an artist’s following — and sales. Position Music helps their artists make some noise on Spotify, with ToneDen.

“ToneDen’s new Spotify Growth Playbook allows us to build our artist’s Spotify audience up very efficiently,” Crary says. “After building up your Spotify Followers, you are then able to  maximize the potential of all the tools that Spotify offers to the artists to reach their followers.”

“ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is right for you.”

Position Music has been redefining what it means to be a music company since 1999. That means cultivating a team that knows how to evolve in an industry that is constantly shifting. 

Initially attracted to ToneDen’s FanLinks, which let fans easily see exactly where an artist’s music is available via streaming service links, Position Music has long used ToneDen as a one-stop marketing shop, “to promote our artists, concerts, and the Position Music brand as a whole.” 

Back in 2018, Crary saw wins when he used ToneDen to run a Dead Posey merch contest and promote a Welshly Arms tour: “Everyone was impressed by the speed and clarity that ToneDen brought to our promotional efforts.”

With ToneDen’s new Spotify Growth Playbook, Position Music was able to take those promotional efforts even further. “If you truly believe in an artist’s long-term potential,” Crary says, “then ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is right for you as it better prepares you for every forthcoming future Spotify release for that artist.”

"ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is right for you as it better prepares you for every forthcoming future Spotify release for that artist.”

How to Get Playlisted 

Why are Spotify Followers such an important metric for artists? It has everything to do with playlists. 

For artists, “How to Get Playlisted” is the algorithmic code to crack. After all, getting followers without being on playlists is … really hard.There’s a reason why, historically, a major-label marketing push is needed. Getting playlisted means getting streams means gaining followers means unlocking Spotify’s countless upgrades: “Release Radar,” concert listings, Artist picks, Canvas, and more.

Fortunately, ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, makes it easy to add Spotify followers for as little as $.10/follower. Position Music used the new playbook to create and automate a paid marketing campaign for the eccentric electronic funky bass duo known as Floyd Wonder (check them out on Instagram and Facebook). Targeting heavy Spotify users fond of artists similar to Floyd Wonder, the campaign took fans to directly to their Spotify page with just a swipe.

In just six days and with $70 ad spend, Floyd Wonder added 189 Spotify followers! Off-campaign, Floyd Wonder was averaging around 5 followers a day organically. On campaign, this jumped up to 40 followers a day8x growth! The graph below shows the spike in followers from an inexpensive seven-day campaign.

But there’s more. Thanks to the Spotify Growth Playbook, Position Music didn’t have to figure out international targeting — ToneDen took care of that. Optimizing the budget? Also automated by ToneDen. And the followers that Floyd Wonder added? Baked-in lifelong listeners, thanks to one of the Playbook’s top functionalities: every time an artist drops a new record, fans will get notified — and the new song will be added to their Release Radar playlist and other algorithmic playlists, like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix.

Crucial for Artists

The power of the playbook was apparent when Crary saw the Before and After graphs. This is a tool to share across Position Music, he reports:

“A lot more people are touching the ToneDen tool (A&R Team, Synch Team, etc.) and in turn people are more comfortable talking about the power and ease-of-use that ToneDen provides with our clients and artists. It’s also nice to have music industry marketing experts from ToneDen on our side so we can stay ahead of the trends and best practices.”

For artists, obviously, Spotify growth is far from a trend. And that’s why Position Music recommends ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook. It’s crucial for artists, Crary believes. “It gives artists the ability to build out a loyal audience on Spotify so that their future releases are known and consumed by their most dedicated fans.”

The Spotify Growth Playbook is an Add-On feature. Add to any Basic, Pro, or Elite plan for an additional $50/month. Want to give it a few spins first? No worries, we offer a 7-day free trial!

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