What happens when three musicians-turned-software-engineers find themselves itching to transform Dallas’s renowned entertainment industry? They build Prekindle, a boutique event ticketing and management platform that’s been flourishing for the past ten years. 

“Prekindle was founded on the principle that quality software managed by a team that always puts the client first is a novel, and winning, position,” Prekindle Cofounder Pete Swulius tells ToneDen. “Prekindle is an incredibly flexible system that can do just about anything.”

Like, say, putting on more than 4,000 events per year? Yep. Prekindle’s event organizers include Texas venue chain The Rustic, Dallas’s historic Kessler and Granada Theaters, Houston’s The Heights, and Hyena’s Comedy Nightclubs. That’s not to mention the artist sales they manage: jam band Umphrey’s McGee and cowboy-hat sporting Cody Johnson. Plus, there’s the annual Dallas Holiday Parade.

Behind the scenes, Prekindle is just as multifaceted (every person in the company contributes to the software). Basically, indie rock’s Ticketmaster is the cool kid of platforms. 

And their social marketing is about to get next level, now that they’re partnering with ToneDen. Get ready to meet Prekindle Spark

PaaS Partnerships: Native Specialization

Partnering with Prekindle positions ToneDen on the forefront of platform-as-a-service computing. PaaS for short, platform-as-a-service lets a business — i.e., Prekindle — offer their clients all the unique benefits of a platform — i.e, ToneDen — by integrating that platform into their software. 

To create Prekindle Spark, ToneDen’s CTO Nick Elsbree built a version of ToneDen tailored to Prekindle’s UI. “Prekindle's intuitive API and clean interface made the integration process incredibly smooth. Users can leverage their Prekindle event data to create marketing campaigns without ever leaving the Prekindle platform, while ToneDen's advanced optimization systems ensure maximum campaign performance.”

The result: Prekindle Spark, an integration that enables Prekindle to develop and run their own client base. 

It’s smart strategizing. Consider what any good contractor knows. The person who’s studied cabinetmaking isn’t the same person who’s a licensed pipe fitter. The PaaS model allows businesses to offer their clients the best in the market.

And in the events marketing market, ToneDen is at the top. “We are proud to partner with the industry leader ToneDen,” Swulius says. “We believe our mutual clients will look back at this moment and say ‘That is when my business really took off.’ Automated digital marketing is the last piece of the puzzle for us.”

"We believe our mutual clients will look back at this moment and say ‘That is when my business really took off.’"

Sparking Sales and Social Growth 

Prekindle Spark allows Prekindle event creators to reap all the event-specific benefits of ToneDen. Audience retargeting capabilities? Check. Automated budget allocation? Check. A/B testing for ad creatives? Of course. But as ToneDen customers know, these features are just the tip of the iceberg. 

ToneDen’s Playbooks offer Prekindle event promoter’s readymade campaigns for any stage in the event marketing lifecycle. Mixing social ads, direct Messenger channels like Facebook messenger, and more, Playbooks give event promoter’s tried-and-true game plans to take them from pre-sale to closeout. 

ToneDen’s Dynamic Event Ads are calendar ads for the 21st century, letting event promoter’s remarket their entire Prekindle event calendar in just one campaign. Fans’ engagement in the ads will determine which ads they continue to see — and which they don’t. 

Swulius sees the ToneDen integration as a complement to a decade of software development. “Prekindle Spark enables our clients to maximize the power of our platform by boosting sales in a way that most teams simply don’t have time to do manually.”

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