With LiveNation announcing CrewNation to raise money for tour and events personnel impacted by COVID-19, it’s clear that now is the time for philanthropic efforts. Around the world, the event marketing community has pulled together to take care of the people who bring concerts, festivals, and other events to life. 

Bartenders, security, janitorial staff, kitchen staff, box office, staff, sound engineers, lighting technicians, production staff: this legion of behind-the-scenes heroes needs our compassion and support. Here at ToneDen, we’re awed by how many of our customers are turning to fundraisers, asking the general public for help—specifically through GoFundMe. 

To aid our customers, we built a new free Playbook that helps you find the right donors for your GoFundMe Pages at the lowest marketing budget possible: $1/day.

This GoFundMe Playbook helps you find the right donors for your GoFundMe Pages—the people you count as your most loyal customers. Tracking the campaign’s results is easy with the reporting dashboard and takes just minutes to set-up.

To learn more or set-up your free GoFundMe Playbook, click here.

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