For more than a century, Brewery Creek has been the sudsiest section of Vancouver. But amidst this hub of brew pubs and taprooms, Red Truck Beer Company hosts something unique: a concert series at … a truck stop.

Actually, the parking lot of a truck stop. “At every location, we have a truck stop diner,” Brian Farnan, Red Truck’s Marketing and Community Development Director tells ToneDen. “It serves up ’50, ’60s classics: your side-of-the-highway-type establishment, running along with the truck theme.”

Over the summer, that diner is the site of the Truck Stop Concert Series, one of the key reasons the company turned to ToneDen. “The ability to support our ticket sales was a big factor in me wanting to sign up,” Farnan says.

He quickly discovered that ToneDen could help with more than events. With Red Truck growing (they have a branch in Fort Collins and a Denver location in the works), they needed a platform to help them thrive while staying true to their values, “where a handshake used to mean something.”

ToneDen understands Red Truck’s ethos — and understands they’re cooking up more than just that delicious Endless Summer Golden Ale. And Farnan couldn’t be more pleased.

“We’re a good example of a company that’s not an events company, not a music company: we’re a beer company that’s found a really great amount of value in ToneDen.”

“Crazy Improved”

When I talked to Farnan, he was in the Vancouver branch of the brewery, a vast echoey space that annually produces more than 20,000 barrels of beer. The unmistakable beep of a forklift sounded in the background, I imagined carting pallets and pallets of beer.

Farnan admits that, at first, he wasn’t sure about ToneDen. Though he’s been in marketing for years, this is his first beer job. “We don’t have the biggest budget in the world,” he says. “We’re typically quite conservative.”

During a trial, though, Farnan explored the platform. He found navigating straightforward. He loved the cleanness of the U/I. Plus, there were the marketing capabilities — audience targeting, segment importation, budget allocating, creative testing — that “all aligned with the fact that we have a very large concert series every summer.”

Using ToneDen, Farnan has seen incredible success in advertising the Truck Stop Concert Series. Spending CA$600, he’s reached nearly 40,000 beer lovers.

The metrics within the platform help him learn more about the audiences he’s targeting — and, doing so, save him loads of time:

“Where I might have needed to put in a lot of effort to manually import a segment or break out specific audiences whether that’s through MailChimp, a random data base file, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram — [with ToneDen] it’s a lot more streamlined, a lot more focused. I can set up a campaign within minutes. I can implement A/B testing. All of that was done manually before. So, we’re still trying to achieve the same things, but the speed in which we can get there is kind of crazy improved.”

The improvements go beyond typical marketing tasks. Farnan is excited about the unique ways Red Truck has been using ToneDen — for everything from internal events to Hiring Fairs.

“The platform offers more than expected,” he says. “It’s not just a ticket selling platform.”