You can’t miss New York Comic Con. Wonder Woman brushing elbows with Catwoman, who’s prowling the sidewalk with Sailor Moon and Superman. There are prop mallets and fishnet stockings and painted faces and possibly more wigs per capita than comic books.

The largest pop culture convention on the East Coast, New York Comic Con is hosted by ReedPOP, an event organizer that runs 500 events in 40 different countries. Their mission, as Senior Marketing Manager Fallon Prinzivalli tells ToneDen, is putting fans first, “creating epic events and being as transparent and authentic as possible. We try our hardest to bring massive amounts of fun and excitement to the lives of our audience.” 

Fallon Prinzivalli, Senior Marketing Manager @ ReedPOP

Whether that event is Comic Con or BookCon, a ReedPOP experience always aims to be “original, exciting, memorable and exceptionally awesome.” And Prinzivalli is key in bringing the awesome. She oversees marketing strategies and execution for New York Comic Con, BookCon, and BookExpo, handling everything from social media to digital advertising to onsite signage and fan experience.

Prinzivalli has been at ReedPOP for over five years, but recently she’s re-evaluated her marketing tactics with ToneDen. After hearing about the platform from ShowClix, she says, “We decided to give it a trial run. So far, it’s been really fantastic.” 

“A Dream Job” 

Prinzivalli’s journey to ReedPOP is the stuff of good stories. She was assigned to cover New York Comic Con in a college journalism class — and the resulting article landed her an internship at, which became a job with MTV News. “I continued to attend NYCC as press or a fan,” she says, “and learned who ReedPOP was as a company.” When a marketing position opened up, she pounced on it, “a dream job.” 

ReedPOP was launched in 2006. They may be best known for all the Cons they host around the globe, but they’re a full-service digital content provider, too. Into gaming? They’re the folks who have recently acquired Gamer Network, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and other gaming websites. 

ReedPOP counts on ShowClix for ticketing and reaps the benefits of a ToneDen integration. ShowClix offers baked-in social solutions (i.e., branding on ticketing pages, shareable hashtags), plus tools that give venues insights about ticket sales data, opportunities for upselling merch, and more. With ToneDen, Prinzivalli’s team gains access to a top-tier platform built for event promoters looking to optimize their Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

But for ReedPOP’s marketing team, ToneDen’s benefits are myriad. For one, it offers Prinzivalli a high-level look at campaigns right in her inbox: “If I have a crazy schedule one week, I rely on those emails. For us marketers with responsibilities outside of social media advertising, it’s a really useful feature. I rejoice when I see the confetti emoji.”

How BookCon Broke 23x ROAS  🎉

This winter, Prinzivalli used a ToneDen Playbook to advertise BookCon, a celebration of storytelling that gathers authors, publishers, celebrities, creators, and, of course, readers. The venue for these ads? Instagram Stories. 

500 million accounts use Instagram Stories. Because they showcase multiple creatives (photos and videos), IG Stories are ideal for event marketers, leading to more ticket sales and better customer engagement. ToneDen’s On-Sale Story Playbook even lets customers swipe up to access the ticketing page.

For BookCon, Prinzivalli spent $500 on an IG Stories New Releases Ad to announce the convention’s on-sale. This campaign reached more 26,000 people: 257 clicked and 158 of those clickers purchased. The campaign netted more than $11,800 in purchases, a 23.6x return on ad spend.

“The experience was really great,” Prinzivalli, says. “We are truly blown away by the results and are excited to run similar campaigns to see if we receive the same results. One of the most exciting things about advertising in this way is there’s no foolproof model. You have to be willing to test and try new things, and the ToneDen platform makes that really easy.”

“Absolutely Optimized for Event Organizers”

The first Comic Con took place in San Diego fifty years ago and it’s clear the popularity of pop culture conventions is only growing. For Prinzivalli, ToneDen is:

“Absolutely optimized for event organizers and is an easy-to-use version of Facebook’s own Business Manager, which just isn’t made for event runners.” 

ReedPOP’s reach goes beyond running events, though, and that’s why Prinzivalli unequivocally recommends ToneDen. She believes anyone looking to improve their social advertising could see benefits from the platform:

“From the user-friendly interface to the language that helps you walk through your campaigns step-by-step, I’d point to all of those benefits as reasons marketing professionals should try ToneDen.”

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