The artists are booked. The dates are set. You know you’re excited. Time to sell those tickets!

But advertising and promoting a show is no joke. You work hard. You’re sticking up posters, putting flyers under windshields — and hopefully canvassing social media.

At first, the announcement looks good. You’re seeing engagement. Fans are buying, retweeting, sharing, liking: it’s going well. Okay, it’s going amazing. This will be the show you crush. Not break even, not eke by: we’re talking in the black, sold-out, total event domination. Rags to riches!

But in the days leading up to your show, after tickets go on sale and before the day of the event, you start running into trouble. We call this “Promoter Hell.” (Ominous, we know.) Say you didn’t sell-out after the on-sale. Worries creep in: Is the band a dud? Is there a better show happening downtown? Is it just because it’s Sunday? Or worse: Is something wrong with how you advertised your event?

Maybe things start to look brighter during “Close Out.” The 14 days leading up to a show are huge. Your ad campaigns seem like they’re bringing in buyers. The number of available tickets is decreasing. There’s buzz about the event — you’re seeing it on social media. And then, right before the event, you get a taste of relief. You realize you’ll break even.

On the day of the show you’re reminded that, no matter how hard marketing events are, everything was worth it. This is why you go through promoter hell, why you sweat and stress and obsess over how your campaigns perform: To bring people together for a singular experience. To see that packed audience.

If only you knew how the magic happened. Do you know how you sold those tickets? Was it the flyers? The posters? The Facebook ads?

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the stress? To know which ads turned your fans into purchasers? Imagine the time, money, and energy you could save if you weren’t constantly questioning your marketing strategy.

You can stop the guessing, save the worry, and kick ass at marketing your event. Let us show you how you can create a winning strategy, sell more tickets, and make more money than ever before.

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