With New Year’s Eve just weeks away, now is the time to go big. People are ready for one last splurge. Whether it’s sparkly outfits or spendy tickets to the swankiest bash, going all out is the best way to close this chapter and start the next.

In the events industry, we know that planning a New Year’s Eve party can be surprisingly difficult. When you mix the biggest night of the year with high expectations, hopes, and anticipation for the coming year ,  that’s a lot of pressure. With every venue and promoter busting out the midnight champagne toasts, the competition is high and the ability to stand out is challenging.

If you’re an event promoter, you want to know: How do I sell out my NYE party and maximize ticket sales? Short answer: ToneDen. Check out our NYE Event Marketing Guide

We’ve rounded up the top performing New Year’s Eve campaigns from last year to show you how Union Transfer, VIP Nightlife, Minimal Effort, and Avant Gardner used ToneDen to crush ticket sales. Let the countdown begin!

Union Transfer

Formerly a luggage transfer station next to the Reading Railroad, Union Transfer is home to Philadelphia’s premiere concert hall. 

Union Transfer ran a conversion campaign through ToneDen on Facebook and Instagram to promote their annual Making Time New Year’s Eve celebration, a “transcendental plan into the next galaxy.” They used a $250 budget during the two-week maintenance period—you know, the driest spell of the ticketing lifecycle.

ToneDen’s audience building tools were split among people who visited the Making Time website and lookalikes of page likes. The budget was automatically reallocated to the audiences driving the most revenue:

Union Transfer reached over 28,500 interested ticket buyers and added $22,716 in revenue, a 90.9x return on ad spend that brought in almost $91 for every $1 they spent. Way to end the year with a bang!

Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner, a ToneDen power user, is the epicenter of Brooklyn entertainment: their 80,000-square-foot indoor-outdoor complex occupies an entire city block of industrial Bushwick. Last year, Avant Gardner used ToneDen to run a conversion campaign on Instagram and Facebook to market their annual NYE Cityfox Odyssey. With ToneDen, they placed the story ad in front of more than a dozen audiences and the budget allocator automatically shifted ad spend, based on how each of those audiences performed.

Their $1,894 budget netted them over $81,000. Over 250k Instagram users viewed the ad and 824 of them engaged and bought tickets. For every $1 they spent, they made $42.

Minimal Effort

Minimal Effort is a large-scale festival in Los Angeles held on both Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Last year, Founder Cyril Bitar of Underrated Presents, launched a week-long conversion campaign for their NYE event held at The Belasco Theater on Facebook and Instagram through ToneDen:

ToneDen’s audience building tools split Minimal Effort’s $407 budget among numerous audiences including people who visited their website and lookalikes of users who performed purchases. With ToneDen’s budget optimization algorithm, these budgets were steered to get ME the highest return on ad spend. This meant ToneDen automatically found the best available audiences across ad sets to take their marketing dollar even further.

The result? Minimal Effort added $15,950 in revenue, which was a 39.1x return on ad spend. For every $1 they spent, they made $39.

Resolution: Market Smarter

It’s easy with audience building tools and a budget allocator at your fingertips. This holiday season, no matter how you’re capping off 2019, build campaigns that sell more tickets than ever with ToneDen. 

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