Laura Bock is the Projects Manager for the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Taft Theatre hosts hundreds of shows a year. Everyone from heavy rock act Mastodon to stand-up comedian Paula Poundstone graces The Taft’s stage.

Laura came to us to learn how she could improve social campaigns and drive online ticket sales. Here we’ll explore a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign that maximized her budget — resulting in a 13x return on ad spend.

Finding the best ticket buyers

Instead of marketing her event toward a single audience of ticket buyers, Laura increased her odds of success by marketing toward 3 different segments of concert fans.

Laura utilized ToneDen’s ad technology to A/B test unique target audiences and automatically reallocate her advertising budget towards the most cost-effective ad sets that led to ticket sales.

Test multiple audiences to convert ticket buyers at a lower cost

Taking her campaign a step further, Laura tested a variety of different creatives and ToneDen helped her identify the ad that ticket buyers found most engaging. Her best ad achieved a 9 out of 10 relevance score.

Real Results

By using ToneDen’s automated optimization tools, Laura was able to save 14 hours of manual work to create a successful event marketing campaign. Her Mastodon campaign reached 57,069 people and achieved 13X return on ad spend.

“Before using ToneDen, we were sort of shooting in the dark with our social media campaigns. We weren’t able to gauge whether or not our social media marketing was sticking in any sort of substantial way (likes/comments were all we had to go off of, which are pretty superficial metrics). ToneDen has really helped us optimize those ads, to reach the right people and gain the most traction by turning what was before just eyeballs on campaigns, into actual ticket purchasers. It’s been super insightful!”
— Laura Bock, Special Projects Manager

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