The Complex Live brings all types of acts to Salt Like City, from A$AP Rocky to Zomboy. The venues comprising The Complex — The Grand, Rockwell, Vertigo, and Papa Wolf's — have been hosting high-octane shows since the doors opened in 2010. Today, they've produced more than 1,000 events.

"A fan creating an everlasting memory with their favorite artist is everything to The Complex and the reason they do what they do," Steve Loso, The Complex's Marketing Director, tells ToneDen. "Artist after artist continue to be blown away by the energy Salt Lake City (SLC) crowds bring to live music events, and they’ll continue to curate those experiences for their city."

Khalid at The Complex. Photo by MigPxl Media.

Since 2010, The Complex has been enriching SLC's entertainment scene, a scene Loso has been part of for years. The Complex, he says, is growing, in size and scope: they now have venues in Albuquerque, NM and Springfield, MO. "We went from around 100 events a year prior to 2014 to around 340 events in 4 different markets in 2018."

What enables that growth? A ShowClix ticketing customer, The Complex already has a built-in advantage, especially since ShowClix has partnered with ToneDen

"An Aha Moment"

"The first time I saw the ToneDen platform automatically adjust a campaign to favor the better performing audiences," Loso admits, "knowing this was going to always be happening with our campaigns was a game changer."

Who wouldn't need the game changed? In any given day, Loso might find himself handling ticketing or graphic design, building new events on social media and announcing them, marketing and promoting events until they happen, and, of course "[making] sure everyone is in and happy."

Today, everyone — including Loso — is happy because ToneDen has freed up hours every day for The Complex's marketing operations. "I’m spending less time setting up campaigns, pulling customer data, creating customer segments and monitoring campaigns as they run," says Loso. 

A Dynamic Duo: Demographics and DEAs 

Within ToneDen, Loso finds himself coming back to the Modify Audience tool again and again: "There are a solid five audiences that I use on a regular basis and it’s so easy to change them per demographic I’m trying to reach. With the variety of shows that we do I really have to drill down into a specific audience that changes show to show so the ability to do this on the fly is key."

In addition to a new dexterity with demographics, Loso's gained the ability to advertise his entire calendar of events with a single campaign. ToneDen's dynamic event ads — aka DEAs — allow marketers to upload all their events into one automated re-marketing campaign, customize audiences and/or creatives for each event, and watch the return on ad spend soar. 

DEAs are so successful because they let promoters create a campaign—just once. ToneDen updates Facebook daily with information about your events so that you don’t have to. In addition, promoters only need one budget for remarketing. DEAs allow you to remarket hundreds of shows within a single campaign because the creative a fan sees is dependent on the show they viewed, but didn’t purchase tickets for yet. Remember: DEAs ensure fans only see ads for shows they are interested in. 

"All I had to do was set it up and let it run," Loso says. "Having ToneDen integrated has been great. Knowing that a campaign is producing like that while I’m completely hands off is amazing." 

What kind of producing are we talking about? 73.8x ROAS.  

For their DEA campaign, events included: Taking Back Sunday, Tom Odell, The Midnight, Dance Gavin Dance: Artificial Selection Tour, Turnover, Avatar, Foxing & Now, The Japanese House, half•alive, Yungblud, grandson, Shaed, Amber Run, Corrosion of Conformity, and more.

ToneDen Takes Campaigns to "Their Fullest Potential"

Loso believes that the combination of ToneDen and DEAs is unbeatable. "I think marketers in the music industry can greatly benefit from ToneDen," he says. "Having access to so many audience options, from the Spotify integration to ticketing data integration, you can get your ads in front of people who actually care and won’t feel like they’re being marketed to."

For venues that are growing — expanding their footprint or simply adding events — ToneDen is a must-have. 

"Automating as much as possible is a necessary key to success," Loso says. "I have complete confidence in ToneDen’s ability to maximize all marketing campaigns to their fullest potential."

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