Landing on a Spotify-owned playlist is the dream of every indie rock band … not to mention the dream of nearly every artist, of every genre. Placement on Discover Weekly, or another playlist curated by Spotify’s editorial team, is the streaming equivalent of going platinum. Recently, Philly-based Mo Lowda & The Humble saw that dream come true. 

“The more your band succeeds on Spotify, the more the sales will reflect,” Dustin Pet, founder of Fat Back Management, tells ToneDen. “Gaining new fans is the reason why tickets and albums are purchased in person.” 

Pet is a human guidebook of music marketing strategy — whether it’s managing indie darlings, like Mo Lowda, or New South Rock’s The Vegabonds. At Fat Back Management, he focuses on building fan-bases and followers for artists, venues, and events, nationally and internationally. 

“Gaining followers goes hand in hand with gaining streams,” Pet says, and he turns to ToneDen to crush his artists’ Spotify growth. 

“This Spotify Growth Playbook is Amazing!”

Artist management firms and tour booking agencies have always been close partners, but with Dustin Pet in the mix, Atlas Touring and Fat Back Management take that to a new level. 

Pet first began using ToneDen to run Facebook and Instagram ads for the shows that Atlas was promoting. He was a quick convert to the platform, hooked, he admits, “the second I could go in and build audiences that actually resulted to ticket sales.” 

“Gaining new fans is the reason why tickets and albums are purchased in person.” 

While event marketing and music marketing live in the same world, they’re two different beasts. With Mo Lowda & The Humble right now, Pet saw the opportunity to let one of those beasts — the music marketing beast — go wild. Yes, there’s organic posting by the artist and pre-save contests. But with ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, there’s something more. 

“I have always been a solid believer the reason why bands go from zero to hero quickly is because people actually cling onto their music,” Pet says. “In this day and age, Spotify and other streaming services are the radio for people to listen to your music.” 

How Mo Lowda & The Humble Turned Momentum into Streams

Mo Lowda & The Humble has been shattering the indie status quo for a while, but this is the year they’re surging on Spotify. Thanks to a boost from ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, Pet shares that they’re “seeing huge returns on ad cost spend per followers.” 

Over the course of a two-week campaign, Mo Lowda & The Humble spent just $10 day and gained 610 new Spotify followers. Those are good numbers — and 23 cents/per follower is good payoff — but the byproduct of this growth is even bigger.

“Since running the campaign,” Pet says, “[Mo Lowda & The Humbles] gained four new Spotify Editorial Playlist spots, getting their new single “Pearls” off their latest album Ready Coat between 4.5K-8K+ streams a day!” 

With ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook, Mo Lowda & The Humble served those ads to a customized audience in order to attract viable fans. “With all our ads,” Pet says, “we get creative on the audience we build with similar artists. We try to be very specific about the similar bands we use to build audiences. For Mo Lowda & The Humble we have seen really great success trying to target fans of Mt. Joy, who the band has played with on two sold-out shows in 1,500 cap or bigger venues in Philly and Baltimore.” 

Then, there’s the look of the ads — totally swipeable. “We make sure our bands put out great, creative swipe-up stories for the ad,” says Pet. “That is a key component to maximizing your cost per follower using this platform.”

Invest in Followers 

Nothing humble about it: Mo Lowda & The Humble are soaring with their recent playlisting wins. As Pet puts it: “It’s a very exciting time to see a band explode on Spotify!”

He recommends ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook to other bands looking to break out — and other bands who know the value of Spotify followers. 

“The bands with the biggest followers and not just monthly listeners bring the biggest audiences out to live shows know this tool can help them achieve numbers they need to gain new fans across the world.” 

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