Last year, The Majestic Ventura Theater celebrated its ninetieth birthday. Since 1928, the stunning Spanish Colonial Revival building — originally a movie palace — has welcomed an impressive lineup including The Ramones, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, and Bruce Springsteen.

“We officially opened in 1928 as a playhouse,” Daniel Gomez, Box Office Manager at The Majestic Ventura Theater, tells ToneDen. “It was actually owned by the mob. There was a speakeasy underneath the theater that had an entrance two blocks down the street. Eventually [the playhouse] was turned into a movie theater. And then it was turned into a music venue in the ’80s.”

Daniel Gomez, Box Office Manager, Majestic Ventura Theater

The Majestic operates with a small team, with Gomez handling the box office and marketing, a job he’s been doing for eleven years. “I run the box office during the day, selling tickets and answering customer emails — questions or complaints,” he says. “I run the front door, the customer service stuff, anything pertaining to the front entrance, anything that happens within the venue during the show. Plus, I run all the social media pages we have. I do all the ads with ToneDen.”

And Gomez is grateful. “Although I do the social media,” he says, “I’m not a social media person — I’m not trained with that stuff. For someone like me it’s just a lot easier with ToneDen.”

A Ninety Day Transformation

When you have a history like The Majestic’s, your marketing needs to match your name’s magic. But until recently, the theater still relied on print and other more traditional forms of advertising. As expected, making the leap to digital wasn’t an entirely easy transition.

This a key reason, Gomez says, that The Majestic turned to ToneDen. “The main reason why we actually went with [ToneDen] is because of the way it’s explained for someone that necessarily isn’t very computer savvy. The numbers are broken down a lot better through ToneDen than what you get through Ads Manager.”

That break down helps Gomez when he reports to The Majestic’s owners. “It’s easier for me to show my bosses [ToneDen]. It gives you the numbers without you having to sit there and find them.”

Getting the numbers is one thing, but seeing them grow is another.

For nearly a year now, The Majestic has been watching their return on ad spend soar.

Ninety days before using ToneDen, their ROAs averaged 1.06x. Each click cost the theater almost $2. Ninety days after ToneDen? That ROAs had jumped to 7.5x and the cost per click was less than fifty cents. To top it all off, ToneDen helped The Majestic triple the number of tickets they sold through social advertising.

Things Keep Improving

Now, after almost a year with ToneDen, this landmark theater is averaging 23x ROAs. (In other words, for every dollar they spend, they bring in $23.)

In addition to selling more tickets and upping return on ad spend, ToneDen has helped Gomez free up some of his very valuable time. “I don’t have to mess with ToneDen every day unless [my boss] asks: how’s this ad doing?”

As anyone working in events knows, that sort of timesaving is priceless.

“If you have a business of any sort, running ads on social media is going to benefit you in some way, shape or form,” Gomez says. “Anyone that has any type of business that sells anything whether it’s tickets or like merchandise or based basically selling anything online, ToneDen definitely does help.”