When it opened in June 1938, The Vogue Theatre held the distinction of being the first air-conditioned cinema in Indianapolis. Though it became a live music venue in 1977, you can still catch a flick at The Vogue if you make one of their Movie Mondays — upcoming screenings include Big Lebowski and Dirty Dancing.

That is, of course, when this 7,401-square-foot Broad Ripple venue isn’t busy hosting the likes of Willie Nelson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, or Rihanna. Musical acts, dance parties and alternative programming — like those movie nights — keep the venue bustling.

“The Vogue has a history that is completely unmatched in the wonderful city of Indianapolis,” Cassidy Carlile, The Vogue’s Director of Marketing, tells ToneDen. “No matter your interest, you can come through our doors any night of the week to experience incredible customer service and an extraordinary show.” 

Serving a metro area of almost one million, The Vogue counts on ToneDen for all its digital marketing needs. By trusting ToneDen’s budget optimization and audience targeting, The Vogue guarantees that, regardless of the artist, fans will respond to ads and snatch up tickets. “We have more shows on the calendar than ever before,” says Carlile.

“ToneDen allows us to get our ads out there quicker and more efficiently.” 

Heady with History

Visiting The Vogue, it’s impossible not to be aware of its past. The well-worn stage, that seasoned balcony,  and, yes, its stint as an adult movie theatre makes the vibe nostalgic and intimate, giving the venue its character and making it a destination for artists and fans alike.

“The crowd is right there,” Jason King, The Vogue’s Entertainment Manager, told Tales of the Cocktail. “You can see the legends up close, right there in front of you. They’re so close that you can almost smell them.”

For the past five years, King has been the Entertainment Manager at The Vogue. On a daily basis, that role has him booking talent, doing graphic design work, and, of course, handling marketing for the 1000-person room. His experience running IndyMojo, an EDM and Jam Festival promoter, makes him well-equipped for handling the gamut of talent that comes through The Vogue.

And ToneDen has been a boon, simplifying building digital ad campaigns—which can be tedious on other platforms. “ToneDen has supported our process flow,” says Carlile. “Our shows are seen by many more potential customers which is essential to our business.” 

E-40 Brings in the Earns 

In March, hip-hop mogul and adult beverage guru E-40 came to The Vogue. CEO of Sick Wid It Records and founding member of The Click, Earl Stevens has been repping Northern California with a career that spans more than thirty years. 

Obviously, Vallejo’s-own playing The Vogue would be a show worth raising a glass to, and Entertainment Manager Jason King knew a smart conversion campaign with ToneDen was in order. King invested $150 on a two-week E-40 conversion campaign, targeting a range of audiences including the Vogue’s Mailing List, Page Likes of Indy’s top hip-hop and R&B radio stations, website visitors, and, of course, fans of E-40. In total, that $150 got The Vogue’s ad in front of more than 15,000 people. 

The results? 838 people clicked on the ads and 61 placed ticket orders with a simple click of the “Buy Tickets” button. That’s more than $7,000 in revenue, at a cost of just $2.50 per order. In other words, a $150 campaign landed The Vogue a 46.1x return on ad spend

The Importance of Reach and Visibility 

As marketers like Cassidy Carlile of The Vogue know, reach and visibility come from understanding and effectively engaging with audiences. While this sounds simple enough, the E-40 audience might not be the Willie Nelson audience — and neither might be the audience tugging on their fishnets for Rocky Horror.

Fortunately, ToneDen’s Audience Targeting (and Retargeting) tools ensure that your ads will always find the right newsfeeds on Facebook. Carlile appreciates “being able to save an ad set based on a genre of music and duplicate it. With the amount of shows we have, it's extremely valuable and saves a great deal of time.”

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