Designed for event organizers, Austin based online ticketing platform Ticketbud makes event ticketing easy. Now they’re making event advertising easy, too, with the launch of Ticketbud Ad Engine.

“Ticketbud’s mission is to make it as easy as possible for event organizers to successfully create, manage, and sell tickets for their events,” Kayhan Ahmadi, Ticketbud CEO, tells ToneDen.“Now we’re ready to make event advertising easier for our event organizers”.

Ticketbud is user-friendly for first time organizers, while powerful and flexible for large festivals and events. What makes Ticketbud unique is that it equips all customers with the features and ongoing customer support needed for event success, for one low flat rate. With early payouts, comprehensive reporting and complete ownership of attendee lists and event data, more event organizers are choosing Ticketbud.

Ticketbud’s event organizers include global all-stars Playstation and TEDx, national champs Dave & Busters, and festivals like Jammin’ at Hippie Jacks and Austin’s own Trail of Lights. Not to mention, Ahmadi says, “individuals hosting social and fundraising events, as well as organizations and venues with busy event calendars.”

But Ticketbud customers are about to have even more to love. “Knowing the power of social advertising for events, we wanted to offer the best resources to help event organizers sell more tickets,” says Ticketbud CEO Kayhan Ahmadi. “An integration with ToneDen’s advertising software was the perfect fit for our customers.” 

Meet Ticketbud Ad Engine

“One of the Most Powerful Ad Tech Networks”

Partnering with Ticketbud positions ToneDen on the forefront of platform-as-a-service computing. PaaS for short, platform-as-a-service lets a business — i.e., Ticketbud — offer their clients all the unique benefits of the ToneDen platform by integrating it into the Ticketbud Platform. 

Social marketing is the gold standard for targeting specific audiences, but, as Ticketbud customers know, advertising within internal social media ad platforms is rarely easy. Ticketbud knew that Ad Engine was a must. “The Ticketbud Ad Engine powered by ToneDen gives event organizers access to one of the most powerful ad tech networks, in a simple and intuitive way,” says Lisa Carson, Content Marketing Manager at Ticketbud. “Ticketbud is excited to provide our event organizers with social media advertising designed to help them sell more tickets.”

With Ad Engine, Ticketbud customers have the most sophisticated social marketing tools at their fingertips. Audience targeting and retargeting, automatic budget optimization, stronger CTA buttons, and, most importantly, the integration of Ad Engine into the Ticketbud platform will equip event organizers with everything they need to run campaigns that crush it.

Impressive Results (Think 123x ROAS) 

Ticketbud event organizers are thrilled by the ease and functionality of Ticketbud Ad Engine. From simplified set-up to trackable returns on investment, Ad Engine offers Ticketbud’s customers a surefire solution to all the marketing challenges that events pose.  

“We piloted the new Ticketbud Ad Engine with impressive results for both large and small events,” reports Ahmadi. “Across the board, customers were able to increase ticket sales, and create over 10x ROI from ad spend to ticket revenue.”

Across the board, customers were able to increase ticket sales, and create over 10x ROI from ad spend to ticket revenue.

And then there’s Austin Trail of Lights. The city’s second-largest festival, Trail of Lights gets December glowing with more than 2 million lights, plus food trucks, live entertainment, and holiday festivities.  

Ticketbud serves the hundreds of thousands who attend Trail of Lights, but in 2019 the event’s organizer, Forefront Networks, gave Ticketbud’s new Ad Engine a whirl. They used Ad Engine to run a Dynamic Event Ads (DEAs) campaign—essentially, calendar ads for the next century. Built specifically for event creators responsible for marketing tons of events with limited budgets and zero free time, DEAs allowed Forefront to automatically remarket Trail of Lights’ entire calendar of events within a single campaign. 

And that DEAs campaign yielded a 123x return on ad spend—definitely something to celebrate.

Catherine Gustafson, Digital Media Manager at Forefront, describes the DEA campaign as “an extremely beneficial way to tailor content. We are consistently striving to ensure our content is relevant to our audiences, and the DEA campaign was the perfect solution. After having little success in the past, Forefront was excited to try something new. The campaign setup was seamless and through the Ticketbud integration, it allowed us effectively reach our target audience with dynamic ad content based on the user’s prior interaction with our event pages. We’re excited to continue utilizing this tool through Ticketbud.”

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