Music marketing is changing every minute. While the fundamental work of artists making music has some constants—writing songs, playing instruments, joining bands, performing—the way that music is consumed, shared, and advertised is ever-shifting. 

Just twenty years ago, MP3s were having their moment. Record stores still sold CDs and the occasional cassette tape. Accessing a track digitally meant pirating, Napster-style. Streaming? The word wasn’t even in our vocabulary. 

Today, of course, Spotify and Apple Music are more influential than any Billboard or Tower Records. And their power is only growing. Counterpoint Research recently forecasted a 25% surge in streaming subscriptions: by the end of 2020, more than 450 million people around the world will subscribe to Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or one of their few competitors. 

At ToneDen, we’ve been backing independent artists and the people that bring their music to the proverbial airwaves for years. In that time, we’ve built out a digital marketing platform with creators’ needs in mind. From audience expanding to automated social advertising, ToneDen’s music marketing tools help you reach more fans and make more money. 

Whether you are an independent artist, artist manager, distribution company, or record label, ToneDen is a one-stop shop for all your music marketing needs. 

Automated Social Advertising

Have a new release or album coming out and want to get more streams? Want to promote an upcoming show and sell more tickets? Want to sell more merch? ToneDen offers an easy-to-use and artist-friendly advertising platform with targeting integrations that include Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Google, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Eventbrite. 

Budget allocation. Customizable creatives. Conversion tracking across Facebook and Instagram. And the smartest algorithm out there. There’s a reason that ToneDen’s automated social marketing platform is the industry standard. Spend less time in Ads Manager and focus more on what you do best. 

"It’s kind of amazing how much success we’ve been able to have with every campaign. There’s nothing under double-digit returns.” — Ryan Wilson, General Manager at Light In The Attic Records

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An easy way to quickly add streams, FanLinks make it easy for fans to see exactly where your music is available, linking them to the platform of their choice. Behind the scenes, FanLinks allow you to measure and track fan engagement—in other words, how fans listen to your music when they stream from your FanLink. 

Tour FanLinks

With Tour FanLinks, fans are shown a list of upcoming shows or events that directly link to ticketing pages. The behind-the-scenes operation is the same: Tour FanLinks let you measure and track fan engagement.

"You guys are the lifeblood of my business. You’ve almost made me a millionaire." — Norman Gyamfi, The Icho Group

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Social Unlocks

One of our core growth tools, Social Unlocks help artists double their rate of social engagement. Grow streams, add followers, build out email lists: Social Unlocks allow you to acquire data about your best customer and learn about your audience. Remember: data is essential for remarketing.

“We leverage every feature throughout the duration of any release, and have seen the continual impact it has made to build our artist.” — Marta Trapella, General Manager, Prodigy Artists

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Viral Contesting

Viral Contesting encourages entrants to perform social actions like referring friends, sharing, subscribing, following, or saving a track to up their odds of winning. Fans improve their chances of winning as they increase your music or event’s awareness across social media. 

“ToneDen is the gold standard for me as someone who has worked in digital marketing for this long in the electronic music space.” — Zach Jaffe, Beatport

Pre-Release Landing Pages

A gorgeous landing page for a Spotify Pre-Save or an Apple Music Pre-Add makes it easy for your fans to get excited about your latest tracks. Driving traffic is a must in the streaming world. When your release drops, fans will receive a messenger notification that your music has been automatically added to their library of choice for instant listening.

Spotify Growth Playbook

No one can underestimate the value of Spotify’s algorithmic playlists, and with this all-in-one marketing campaign, artists can influence the factors that impact their odds of being playlisted: followers and streams. For as little as $5/day, a musician can quickly double their Spotify streams and followers using Instagram Story Ads. 

“Before I used the Spotify Growth Playbook, I had less than a thousand followers. In less than a month, I had 1,500 real followers from my first campaign. My daily listeners, streams, and saves, grew accordingly.”—Jackson Whalan

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Other Music Playbooks

With ToneDen’s Playbooks designed for music marketing, we’ve brought together the ability to advertise, message, and promote your music all in one campaign. Playbooks take what were once separate marketing initiatives and combines them into a single automated strategy.

Explore our Music Playbook options here.

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