Googling “Bangor” yields expected results: Acadia National Park, the Stephen King house. But Maine’s former logging locus (there’s a statue of Paul Bunyan downtown) is also a live music hub, thanks to Waterfront Concerts.

With events like the Garden Grove Music Festival and shows by everyone from Vampire Weekend to the Beach Boys at six unique venues, Waterfront’s ticket-selling season never quits. That’s why Pat Shaw, Waterfront’s Director of Digital and Social Advertising, is grateful for ToneDen. The platform helps Waterfront see consistent success with ToneDen's Google Ads Add-On

“It’s always a struggle to stretch budgets across our long on-sale periods,” Shaw tells ToneDen.

“Using ToneDen's Google Ads we are able to take a small portion of our budgets and be covered on Google for months!”

“I Have a Campaign That Is Returning 10x on My Spend”

Founded in 2011, Waterfront Concerts has transformed Bangor’s events scene, starting with the Waterfront Pavilion. In their inaugural season, Waterfront hosted Lynyrd Skynyrd and Celtic Woman, with Def Leppard and Lil Wayne hot on their heels. Waterfront has only continued to grow, which means that: in its first six years, Waterfront brought in an estimated $105 million of municipal revenue

Waterfront has only continued to grow, which means that ticket buyers are pretty much always Googling their events. That’s standard procedure these days, Facebook tells us. 85% of ticket purchases happen without a click, which means that after fans see ads on social, they’re hitting everyone’s favorite search engine and scoping out the options for attending that event. 

Using Google Ads, promoters like Waterfront guarantee their shows appear at the top of the search engine results page (SERP, for short) by choosing and bidding on keywords connected to their events. Though this seems straightforward, Google Ads are actually tricky.  

“Before using ToneDen,” Shaw says, “creating Google Ads could quickly become overwhelming and take hours to set up. You were never sure if you were setting it up correctly or going to achieve the results you wanted. Using ToneDen, I was able to set up my Google ads in minutes. I have a campaign that is returning 10x on my spend!”

Thomas Rhett to the Top (of the SERP!)

For Thomas Rhett, country music is a family affair. The 29-year-old Grammy nominee is hitting Bangor in August, part of Waterfront’s country megaticket. 

Shaw took control of the Thomas Rhett’s SERP by running a ToneDen Google Ads campaign. The campaign, which began in January, has been a time-saver—and a success. In just over a month, Shaw’s $204 investment has brought in $1,805 so far—an almost 9x return on ad spend. 

How does ToneDen do it? The Google Ads Add-on has three unassailable functionalities: 

1. Google Ads Pixel: With a Google Ads pixel and conversion tracking, ToneDen helps marketers know how many tickets their campaigns are selling.

2. Automated Keyword Building Tool: How better to target fans than with spot-on keywords? When you input the event/artist name and event location, ToneDen’s keyword building tool automatically generates a keyword list. 

Automated Keyword Building Tool

3. Clear Reporting: Which keywords are really pulling their weight? ToneDen helps marketers understand which keywords and creatives are driving the most ticket sales.

Keyword Performance

It’s that simple. Waterfront sees smarter ticket sales and they avoid common Google Ads pitfalls: ineffective keywords and SERP-results hiijacked by scalpers. 

The Dynamic Duo

Coupled with Facebook and Instagram Ads, ToneDen’s Google Ads are a total package for any digital marketer. 

As Shaw says, “I would certainly recommend ToneDen's Google Ads. ToneDen makes Google Ads easy to use and set up. It really helps round out our advertising strategies.”

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