Christina Ventura is a manager for Webster Hall, a four-floor concert venue located in New York City.

Webster Hall hosts a variety of performances nearly 7 nights per week. Christina wanted a quick way to create Facebook ad campaigns for all the performances coming to Webster Hall.

After exploring ToneDen’s simple interface for creating and launching successful social ads, Christina decided to use ToneDen’s automated advertising for 12th Planet’s upcoming performance.

She was able to instantaneously create different target audiences and automatically A/B test ad creatives by utilizing ToneDen’s audience creator.

Christina targeted people in the greater New York City area that have liked 12th Planet on Facebook, people that are demographically similar to users that have liked 12th Planet on Facebook, and people that have liked similar artists or share similar interests on Facebook.

By doing this, Christina was able to test a wide spread of audiences and quickly narrow down the optimal one to sell more tickets for 12th Planet.

ToneDen’s proprietary algorithms monitored Webster Hall’s campaign around the clock, and automatically re-allocated Christina’s budget toward the best performing audience.

Real Results

Using ToneDen, Webster Hall was able to quickly sell out the remaining tickets for the 12th Planet show. The campaign resulted in 108 tickets purchased directly through the ads and 841 tickets purchased online from the ads impressions. In addition, it increased awareness that led to a tremendous walk up and a 16X Return on Ad Spend.

Christina is now able to repeat her social advertising success within minutes and let ToneDen’s ad optimization software do the heavy-lifting.

“Webster Hall has a large inventory and a small team. We’re a four-floor concert venue and nightclub with three rooms of varying capacities. ToneDen has allowed us to cut time spent on ad buying considerably as well as helped us build better audiences.” — Christina Ventura

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