Burrata House

Had a chance to try Burrata House at Grand Central Market last week and it is delicious! It's a pop up and will only be in Grand Central until January (I believe), but they have a permanent location in Culver City that I may have to make a pilgrimage to. One of the best sandwiches I've had in LA!

Nate Schier
Engineering Lead


Carissa's Wierd

This month, I'm talking about a band that broke up in 2003?? Yes absolutely I am. Founders Jenn Champion and Mat Brooke reunited this week for the first time in a decade this week to play a series of sonically stripped down shows. Reader, I cried. And if you listen to Phantom Fireworks, I bet you will too.

Ethan Frigon
Support Engineer


Deep-Sea Fishing

I'm very excited to go deep-sea fishing in Key Largo, Flordia later this month. We went earlier this year with little luck. Hopefully, this time there will be more of a bite!

Jake Rush
Head of Operations



I've been counting down the days until Thanksgiving since Halloween. This year, I'll be hosting and can't wait to bring some delicious veggie dishes to the table like these charred sweet potatoes with hot honey butter.

Corrine Poorman
Director of Demand Gen


Rae Khalil

She's an amazing artist who I've had the pleasure of knowing for a very long time and she's finally getting the recognition she deserves. She was recently on the new Netflix show, Rhythm and Flow, and it's been incredible to see the amazing, positive reception she's been getting as of late. She has a very unique and lyrical flow, I'd certainly recommend giving her a listen!

Sam Jameson
Customer Success Manager


Camping in Big Sur

Not your quintessential Thanksgiving trip, but still exciting nonetheless. I secured a really great campsite so we're taking family up to explore the coast line and all that Big Sur has to offer. If you've never been, highly recommend it - it's beautiful!

Zach Walker
Director of Social Marketing


Crossing the Chasm

Reading this book and thinking about all the ways it applies to ToneDen as we expand and sell to mainstream customers.

Tommy Knecht
Head of Partnerships


Bar Flores

This month I'm talking about Bar Flores, which opened up across the street from my house just this past summer. I recently discovered that it's dog friendly, so my pup and I have a new favorite watering hole.

Nick Elsbree


Pet Health Insurance, AirPods, and the Price Elasticity of Demand

Many people I come across admit they love their pets, however when I follow with the question: "do you have insurance for your animal?", I almost always get a "no" response.

This blows my mind as I also know many people who have paid thousands of dollars in medical bills for their animals, which could have easily been avoided if they had purchased pet health insurance.

What this really boils down to is something called the price elasticity of demand. In layman's terms, it's how whether or not you're willing to buy something based on its price increasing/decreasing.

If the price elasticity of demand is inelastic, it means that the demand for a good remains unchanged despite an increase or decrease in price.

A great example of a good with inelastic demand would be insulin (as it pertains to a diabetic). It doesn't matter if the insulin is $1 or $1,000. The insulin is needed because the diabetic will die without it.

If the price elasticity of demand is elastic, it means that the demand for a good changes easily depending on an increase or decrease in its price.

A great example of a good with an elastic demand curve would be Apple's AirPods (currently priced at $159). Owning wireless headphones can easily be seen as a "nice to have" good because most people own a pair of headphones already. With that being said, if the price of AirPods were to drop to a more competitive & accessible price point to low income consumers (i.e. $19.99), even more people would buy them.

I chose AirPods as an example here because one could argue that the price elasticity of demand for Apple's AirPods is actually inelastic as people want AirPods because they are a status symbol due to their high price point.

The point I'm trying to make here is that I would assume that the price elasticity of demand for keeping your pet healthy & happy is inelastic, which means the next time you're at the vet and presented with a high bill, you will be forced into a situation where you have to pay a lot of money. Knowing this, you will end up saving a ton of money if you end up purchasing even the most basic of pet health insurance plans from an organization like ASPCA.

Ali Shakeri



I feel like a machine when I eat protein bars--and I mean that in the best way. RAW REV Glow has been my favorite for the past few months. The stats are perfect: 15 g protein and 2 g of sugar ... with zero artificial sweeteners. If you're someone who could eat peanut butter straight from the jar, the Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt flavor won't disappoint.

JoAnna Novak
Head of Education


Local Natives

I'm super excited that Local Natives announced a 2020 tour with Foals that has a stop at the Greek theater next year. I've been listening to their songs on repeat the last few months, and introducing friends to their music. I can't wait to see them live for the first time in May 2020!

Desi Gabrielle
Software Engineer


Bon Iver

I'm talking about the Bon Iver concert I went to in Raleigh North Carolina. It was the last stop on their US tour for their new album i,i. Bon Iver has a lot of history in Raleigh from their early days as a band so it was really cool to catch the last show of their tour there.

Sterling Witt
Sales Director


Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s new Cybertruck. An absolute beauty in my opinion, with a 500 mile range, 40k towing capacity, and 0-60 in 3s. Plus, it’s bulletproof. Perfect for the oncoming apocalypse. It’s genx’s last stand.

Tim Thimmaiah


Fes, Morocco

Currently, in Fes, the oldest imperial city in Morocco and UNESCO world heritage site. We’ve been staying in a 400-year old riad in the middle of the medina (a walled city and medieval labyrinth). It's so far been an experience of a lifetime!

Melanie Mabugat-Wagner
Director of Marketing


Museum of Dream Space

Really excited about the Museum of Dream Space that's currently open in Los Angeles located within the Beverly Center. It's an entire museum created by the artist known for "Infinity Mirrors" exhibit that's been at the Broad for a year or so. The design concept of MODS is illuminated by art design of Yayoi Kusama famous of infinite rooms and the development of digital art. MODS aims to provide an immersive, magical and unique art appreciative experiences to the visitors. The uniqueness of MODS is to break the limitation of physical media, extend the art by digital technology and to provide the largest freedom of visitors experiencing the arts, which realize the physical extension of the arts.

Parker Reyes
Customer Success Manager

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