Complex Con

The weekend exhibition takes place in Long Beach California and brings together some of the most influential people and hottest brands in the world. With exclusive releases and live performances, it's almost like immersing yourself in real-life internet culture. Personally, I'm excited to see Kid Cudi perform and to immerse myself in all of the creativity that happens all weekend.

Zachary Walker
Director of Social Marketing


All Hands Dinner at The Bowery Bungalow

After a successful first All Hands meeting, the ToneDen crew clinked celebratory glasses at The Bowery Bungalow in Silver Lake. I can't stop thinking about the smoky eggplant babaganoush or the roasted cauliflower with tahini.

Corrine Poorman
Director of Demand Gen


Joshua Tree

This month I'm talking about Joshua Tree! The climbing season just started out there in the desert and I'm stoked to get out there this weekend. It'll be my girlfriend's first time climbing, so I'm excited to show her the ropes.

Nick Elsbree


10th Annual Dear Jack Benefit

Founded by musician Andrew McMahon, the Dear Jack Foundation provides quality of life programming for adolescent and young adult cancer patients, survivors, and their families. Throughout the years, the annual 11/11 benefit show—featuring either Jack's Mannequin and/or Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness—has been usually staged in random cities in the past, but this year, they're bringing it back to where it all started at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.

Mel Mabugat-Wagner
Marketing Director


Peaky Blinders Season 5

If you're looking for TV so good you'll postpone plans for it, look no further: Peaky Blinders Season 5 just hit Netflix.

Once again, season five of the Peaky Blinders proves that Shelby’s are the most interesting family on TV. The season opens with the financial crash of 1929. It’s hard to overstate how much the world was impacted by the crash. The desperate global conditions created an angry, frightened, and financially struggling population open to more extreme political systems, including fascism.

Now that Tommy is a member of Parliament, he must face the growing threat of fascism and find an opportunity to make back everything his family lost in the crash.

Jake Rush
Head of Ad Operations


Drain Signs to Revelation Records

This month I'm incredibly excited about my buddies in the band Drain from Santa Cruz! I worked with their vocalist, Sammy, in my college dining hall and their drummer, Tim, back in the day drove me to the first show I ever photographed! They recently signed to the legendary punk record label Revelation Records - it's an absolute pleasure seeing my friends that helped me get to where I am today succeed in their goals and aspirations.

Shoutout to Tim, Sammy, Cody and Justin - you guys inspire me every day!!

Sam Jameson
Customer Success Manager


Austin City Limits

One of my favorite weekends of the year in Austin is weekend 1 of ACL. Every year at the beginning of October ACL comes to Zilker Park. There's always a great lineup of cools shows to see. We get a big group of friends together for the weekend and enjoy the fest and all the after shows around town.

Sterling Witt
Director of Sales


Hocus Pocus

A great way to start the spooky season is with Hocus Pocus, a cute witchy film full of laughs and puns to make any hallows eve get together a fun one. Also a good movie to play a drinking game to—take a shot every time someone says they smell kids!

Desi Gabrielle
Software Engineer 



Unity is a development platform for creating 2D/3D games and experiences. It's the go-to platform for independent game development but also well suited for creating augmented reality and virtual reality applications, which I've been keen in learning how to design and develop for. I've been learning with a few basic examples but excited to get more experienced to build something meaningful in the near future.

Tim Thimmaiah


Tale Of Us Afterlife Event Series

A very dope event series by a melodic techno duo based out of Berlin. Music is insanely forward thinking, production is probably some of the best touring production for this type of event and the growth over the last two or three years has been insane. They did one at the Brooklyn Mirage, recently at ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) and regularly in Ibiza.

Parker Reyes
Customer Success Manager



Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s latest film, Parasite, is a masterpiece of bold shots and searing class commentary. The less I say about the actual plot, the more enjoyable the movie will be for you, but there are some truly wild twists.

Ethan Frigon
Support Engineer


“The Cuba Libre Story” on Netflix

The tumultuous history of Cuba over the last 500 years, a nation of foreign conquest and political schemes.

Tommy Knecht
Director of Partnerships



Just got back from our honeymoon in Portugal and loved it! Amazing country, food, and--most importantly--tile! Never have I seen so much cool tile, like, everywhere. Big fan.

Nate Schier
Full Stack Engineer

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