This month I'm talking about flying! I spent the last 9 months (and all of my money) training to get my private pilot license, which I finally received in August. It was a great feeling to finally load up some friends and go on my first fun flight!

Nick Elsbree



I'm super pumped about Omnisphere!  It's an amazing synth sound-bank VST that's got an incredible amount of really unique and professional sound instruments.I've been teaching myself audio production and beat making over the past year and this new tool has really upped my game. It's got me reinvigorated and ready to put in some work!  

Sam Jameson
Customer Success Manager


Pick & Cheese

I'm talking about London's newest restaurant, Pick & Cheese. This new joint incorporated a conveyer belt to bring endless CHEESE to your plate making it the first restaurant of its kind! Being the girl with a cheese tattoo, this gives me an excuse to go to London again very soon.

Desi Gabrielle
Software Engineer


The Parlor on Melrose

Football is back! If you live in Los Angeles and are a fan of any eastern college football team, you probably already know about The Parlor on Melrose.

They open early on Saturdays to host all of the games. Large Alumni groups get together to watch their teams play on the big screens. After a Penn State touchdown, you'll hear the roar of a Nittany lion. After a WVU win, you'll hear Country Roads by John Denver. And of course, you'll hear lots of cowbells. With wings, beer and even, patio misters for those hot days, this is the best place around to cheer on your team.

Jake Rush
Head of Ad Operations


III by The Lumineers

In September, I'm talking about the new album III from The Lumineers. Released last Friday, this is their follow-up to Cleopatra, their album from 2016. III doesn't follow the traditional release template we've become accustomed to in 2019.

III is a composed of three small EPs that follow a chronological chapter order. It follows the story of three fictional family members and how addiction and alcoholism affect their relationships with each other. A unique approach from one of my favorite folk-rock bands.

Zach Walker
Director of Social Marketing


SNL Season 45

Down Leslie Jones and up a scandal, Saturday Night Live's first episode, with host Woody Harrelson and musical guest Billie Ellish, promises to be interesting, to say the least. Cast changes and controversies are all part and parcel for the now-legendary sketch comedy show, which I've been devoted to since the days of Will Ferrell and Tim Meadows.

JoAnna Novak
Head of Education



RÜFÜS DU SOL, one of my favorite bands, are really having their best year yet. They will take the stage at the legendary Los Angeles State Historic Park on October 5th, their largest headlining performance to date. Plus, our friends over at the Do Lab will be putting on a large art installation.

Melanie Mabugat-Wagner
Marketing Director


The Vietnam War

This Ken Burns docuseries on Netflix about the Vietnam War is what I'm talking about. It dives into how the war came about, why the US ended up there, focusing on the fact that we in fact lost that war—historically, not something the US likes to—or does—talk about.

Tommy Knecht
Head of Partnerships  


Honeymoon in Portugal

Very excited about our upcoming October honeymoon to Portugal, and in particular Lisbon! Never been there but everyone I know has raved about it and it looks amazing. Going to be spending half our time in Lisbon and the other half in Lagos, a beach city along the southern coast.

Nate Schier
Full Stack Engineer


The Writings of Winston Churchill

I'm a fan of Churchill's most popular writings, specifically The Second World War volumes, The Gathering Storm and Their Finest Hour, which, next to William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of Third Reich, are probably the best two accounts of the war. What I wasn't familiar with were Churchill's earlier writings, which I discovered through another biography of Churchill. The Story of the Malakand Field Force and The River War, published in 1898 and 1899 respectively, demonstrate the early mastery of Churchill's wartime expertise with the thrilling firsthand accounts of British intervention in India and Sudan. The River War especially carries much relevance even today, highlighting the inequality of conflict and the thirst for imperialism

Tim Thimmaiah


The Brothers Karamazov

This September I'm set to finish one of Dostoevsky's greatest novels, The Brothers Karamazov. In terms of what to expect from the novel, Albert Einstein once said, "Dostoevsky gives me more than any scientist, more than Gauss."

My experience reading the book so far has felt more like taking a college course on psychology than reading a piece of classic literature. Pick up the book for yourself and you'll soon be noticing that it's not about what we do, but rather why we do.

Ali Shakeri


"My Way To You"

"My Way To You" is the third-to-last song on Boston pop-punk band Somos' new album Prison On A Hill (a great inside joke/dig at Boston for my fellow Massachusetts-ians) and it's hands down the best song I've heard all year. It's quietly yearning song about self-improvement (for love or friendship or something else) that sounds halfway between an 80s power ballad and a Taking Back Sunday song from 2003, made truly bittersweet by the fact that the album's release was preceded a few weeks earlier by guitarist Phil Haggerty's death at only 28.

Ethan Frigon
Support Engineer


Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend State Park is what i'm talking about in September. I will be heading north of Austin a couple hours to do some camping for the weekend. This will be my first time going to explore the park. With over 5,000 acres there are many trails, rivers, caves, and lakes to check out. Thankfully the Texas heat is starting to cool down for the fall so it should be very enjoyable to be outside all day long. I'm excited for the hiking and swimming at the park, and maybe even more excited to take at least a day to completely unplug and enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Sterling Witt
Sales Director


Saves The Day 20th Anniversary

Gearing up for some early 00's pop-punk throwback singalongs. Saves the Day is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Through Being Cool and playing the record front to back in in NYC and LA this fall. Plus, Hot Rod Circuit is opening and performing Sorry About Tomorrow in full.

Corrine Poorman
Director of Demand Gen

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