A custom domain, sometimes referred to as a vanity URL, is a branded link to any landing page you’ve created: a destination where fans can stream your latest release, enter a giveaway contest, or learn more about your event and buy tickets.  More than just a web address, it's the homebase of your brand, an extension of your logo, a landing page for your fans.

There are many branding benefits to using a custom domain but if you’re a brand that advertises, a custom domain is a must. And to reap all the benefits of social advertising, you need to secure a custom domain. When you’re ready to buy your brand’s dream home, we’ve got you covered: 8 Best Domain Registrars for Online Advertisers.

More Advertising Power on Facebook and Instagram with Custom Domains

Apple’s most recent privacy-related updates to its iOS 14 have caused Facebook to implement new restrictions that make it harder for advertisers to run conversion campaigns. Basically, Facebook's new rule is that you have to own your domain to run conversion ads. Otherwise, campaigns will default to link click optimization.

Facebook's new rule is that you have to own your domain to run conversion ads.

Other Benefits Of Owning Your Own Domain

Branding. A custom domain such as www.artistname.com gives you distinction, empowers your online presence, and is easier to find and remember. It’s like saying: “I’m here. This is me. Doors are open for business!”

Discoverability. Having your own domain helps your customers find you on search engines such as Google and increases your website’s search rankings.

Credibility. Investing in a domain helps you build trust and convert more fans.

Custom Email Address. A domain name usually comes with an option to create a custom email address. For example, your domain is www.artistname.com. Your email address could be any email alias: hello@artistname.com, booking@artistname.com, etc. 

Permanence. No one else can use your likeness for as long as you pay for the domain.

Connect your custom domain to ToneDen Smart Links—for free!

ToneDen’s smart links are beautiful landing pages that take just a few minutes to create that get your audience where you want them to go. Whether you want to increase streams to your new track or album, or market your event and increase ticket sales, ToneDen makes social marketing for creators easy. 

Our free custom domain routing solution allows you to connect your own domain and automatically configure your subdomain for use with ToneDen smart links while continuing to reinforce your brand identity. 

Check out ToneDen’s step-by-step guide to setting up your own domain. Once you’ve registered your domain and verified it with Facebook Business Manager, you can create unlimited subdomains (i.e. link.yoursite.com, get.yoursite.com, or music.yoursite.com) for use with ToneDen smart links. 

You’re also able to retarget users and track conversions—in compliance with Facebook's new custom domain requirement—all while taking control of your brand’s digital presence. 

Whether you make music or sell a product, your brand is synonymous with your identity. Personalizing everything from your logo to your domain helps your fans recognize your unique footprint. Being the master of your domain may have been a joke in the ’90s, but it’s serious business now.

A custom domain is a must for your brand—especially if you advertise.

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