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Head of Ad Operations
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4 Types of Ads You Should Be Using to Increase Ticket Sales

Increase ticket sales with these four ads

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How Social Media Converts More Ticket Buyers

By using online advertising best practices, Deathwaltz Media Group created a series of campaigns that achieved over 9.1x return

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How The Hamilton Fills the Seats for Every Show

Delivering the perfect ad

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How Steez Promo Uses ToneDen to Drive Thousands of Ticket Sales

The result was a streamlined process that maximized their digital marketing efforts

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How NGHTMRE Captured Over 100,000 Fan Emails with ToneDen

Using Contests and Social Unlocks to offer people a giveaway in exchange for their contact information

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How Brooklyn Bowl Uses ToneDen to Announce Las Vegas Shows

Reached tens of thousands fans and a 77.5x return on ad spend

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The Future of Marketing with Facebook Messenger

“Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.” — Mark Zuckerberg


Eventbrite and ToneDen All in One Place

Create social ads from your Eventbrite dashboard

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How Freecast Raised Over $50,000 to Reach Their Kickstarter Goal

In just 30 days...

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How to Run Facebook Ads for Your Headliner Show

Use this strategy to market your next main event

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Taft Theatre Takes the Guesswork out of Advertising with ToneDen

Improve social campaigns and drive online ticket sales

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How to Sell Out Shows on Ticketfly

Club Glow, an event production company known for featuring the biggest DJs in the world at Echostage

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How to Unlock Your Optimal Target Audience

Nootrobox, an e-commerce company known for their cognitive-enhancement supplements

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6 Data-Driven Steps You Can Copy to Increase Sales Online

Facebook is the most cost-effective advertising platform we have ever seen

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How Goldenvoice Creates Winning Facebook Ads in Minutes, Not Hours

How to improve Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns on ToneDen

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How The UC Theatre Sells More Tickets with ToneDen

Downtown Berkeley's premier music venue

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Majestic Theatre Generates Massive Ticketing Revenue Through ToneDen

One of Detroit's longest-running music venues

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Everpress Sells Over 100 Shirts in a Weekend

They used ToneDen to drive sales for their latest t-shirt campaign

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Webster Hall Sells Out Shows With ToneDen

Instantly create different target audiences and automatically A/B test ad creatives

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How BoogieMADE Hit 6X Return on Ad Spend

BoogieMADE wanted to drive sales for their popular ‘ill behavior’ tee shirt and use Facebook advertising to do it

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How Underrated Presents Uses ToneDen to Sell More Tickets For His Festival

Using Eventbrite Promote

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How Facebook Has Changed Marketing Forever

A brief history on the rise of social targeting