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“Gaining new fans is the reason why tickets and albums are purchased in person.”

Dustin Pet


Fat Back Management

The Key to Spotify Playlist Submission
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ToneDen optimizes the experience for both artists and fans. There’s no other marketing service quite like this.

Jackson Whalan


Jackson Whalan Finds New Fans with ToneDen
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ToneDen’s Spotify Growth Playbook is right for you as it better prepares you for every forthcoming future Spotify release for that artist.

Paul Crary

Digital Marketing Manager

Position Music

Position Music Fuels Spotify Followers with ToneDen 
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Using ToneDen, I was able to set up my Google ads in minutes. I have a campaign that is returning 10x on my spend!

Pat Shaw

Director of Marketing

Waterfront Concerts

Waterfront Concerts Sees 10x Returns with ToneDen's Google Ads
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Facebook Ads Manager can be quite cumbersome and involves a good amount of time to execute what I would need to. ToneDen solved that time issue for me and helped me launch powerful ads with little effort.



lord bazel

lord bazel Slings Gold with ToneDen
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ToneDen is for any venue that runs like ours, where you have people doing multiple jobs, looking to save time.

Josh Saenger

Marketing and Ticketing Manager

The Crocodile

How The Crocodile Slays Seattle’s Slickest Shows 
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ToneDen helped us to sell out our Oktoberfest festival at Mills River a month and a half before we had expected to sell out.

David Hermann

Social and Media Manager

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Owns Oktoberfest with ToneDen
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We believe our mutual clients will look back at this moment and say ‘That is when my business really took off.’

Pete Swulius



Prekindle Partners with ToneDen
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ToneDen allows us to get our ads out there quicker and more efficiently.

Cassidy Carlile

Director of Marketing

The Vogue Theatre

The Vogue Theatre Aces Audiences with ToneDen 
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It’s kind of amazing how much success we’ve been able to have with every campaign. There’s nothing under double-digit returns.

Ryan Wilson

General Manager

Light in the Attic Records & Distribution

Light in the Attic Stays Lit with ToneDen
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The amount of retargeting that we can do and the amount of audiences that we can build because of ToneDen, those audience platforms opened up the world.

Adam Valen

Marketing Manager

Drusky Entertainment

Drusky Entertainment Expands Their Reach with ToneDen
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I believe, that anyone working in events and events sales could benefit from working with ToneDen.

Marc Kostic

Director of Marketing

Portland Timbers

Portland Timbers Hit High ROAS with Dynamic Event Ads
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