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GoFundMe Fundraiser Playbook

  • Turn your past attendees into donors
  • Spend $1/day
  • Track and measure your results
  • Set up in 10 minutes

Promote your GoFundMe Campaign. Find more donors faster. Free onboarding and guidance to hit your goal.

Turn your past attendees into donors for $1/day

We assemble a grouped re-marketing audience that includes everyone that's attended your events in the past along with your most active followers across social media. This audience groups the people that are most likely to donate to your campaign.

Measure how your ad dollars convert into GoFundMe donations

We help you track the rise in new donors after your campaign begins—all while tracking the aggregate new donation amount influenced by your marketing campaign.

Increase the awareness of your campaign


Average increase in donations


Average cost per new Donor

Learn how to create a promoted GoFundMe campaign on your own.