Creating Your First Event Ad Campaign

Basic Details: Select Accounts

In this section, you'll select the ad account with which you'd like to pay for your campaign and the page from which you want your ad to run.

Select a Facebook Advertising Account

We'll automatically load the ad accounts you have access to on the personal Facebook account you link with your ToneDen account.

You can choose which Facebook Ad Account you'd like to advertise from by clicking the drop-down menu below “Select A Facebook Advertising Account.”


You may have different payment methods, custom/saved audiences, and FB Pixels across different ad accounts. Be sure to select the correct one for your respective campaign.

Choose a Facebook Page

Select the Facebook page from which you'd like your ad to run. You can select any page that you have page advertiser access to in this field.

If a page doesn't show up, make sure that you have advertiser access to it on the personal Facebook account you've linked with your ToneDen sub account.

Also, make sure to grant ToneDen access to all your Facebook pages so we can load them in our interface.

Tip: If you have access to a large number of pages, try typing your page in manually if it doesn't automatically appear in the drop-down section.

Choose an Instagram Page (Optional)

We'll automatically use the Instagram account connected to the Facebook page you select in the step above.

Feel free to leave this section blank unless you'd like to select a different Instagram account than the one already attached to your page.


Edit Objective: Choosing an Objective
Basic Details: Select Accounts
Basic Details: Event Details
Set-up Campaign: Modify Target Audiences
Set-up Campaign: Set Schedule
Set-up Campaign: Set Budget
Set-up Campaign: Design Ad
Set-up Campaign: Set a Goal