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Dynamic Event Ads - Cost-Effective Multi-Event Marketing for as Low as $60/Month

Dynamic Ads - An Effective Solution to Our Current Advertising Challenges 📅

During this period where event promoters need to cut back on advertising costs and consumers are less likely to purchase, we recognize that advertising your upcoming events in the face of uncertainty is very difficult and scary.

In this short article, we'll be covering the most effective and lowest-cost method you can be using to effectively market your future events. 

ToneDen’s Dynamic Event Ads allow you to automate advertising for all of your upcoming events for as low as $60/month.

You can think of these ads as the digital version of traditional calendar advertising.

Dynamic Event Ads are the most efficient and cost-effective method to reduce your ad spend, while still effectively promoting your upcoming events to those that are most likely to purchase at any point in time.

Although you currently might not be advertising events upcoming within the next 1-2 months, low budget Dynamic Ads campaigns can be used to help effectively advertise events that are further out on the horizon.

These campaigns will automate marketing to all of your middle/bottom of the funnel audiences, ensuring that you still have a strong advertising presence for your upcoming events without breaking the bank.

Some middle/bottom funnel audiences include those Engaging with your FB/IG Pages + Events, your website traffic and your list of past buyers.

Benefits of Dynamic Event Ads 🎉

1. They allow you to reduce your ad spend while still marketing all of your events effectively (you can spend $1-2/day for the entire campaign instead of $1/day per show)

2. You only need to set these campaigns up once and the upkeep is completely automated

3. You don't have to build a single ad copy (we automate building the ad copy from info on your ticketing site)

4. You don't need to know anything about digital marketing to setup an effective strategy using Dynamic Event Ads

5. These campaigns will help you understand the current demand for your events as they target those who are most likely to buy

Campaign Setup + Strategy Explanation 🔬

For this Dynamic Event Ad strategy, we'd recommend setting up two campaigns.

One campaign will remarket to those who check out specific events, and the other campaign will serve more as a general calendar ad for all of your upcoming events.

The minimum budget for these campaigns is $60/month, but we might recommend spending $150-180 a month so that Facebook can better optimize your campaign.

  • Remarketing Dynamic Ad - $1/day min, $1-2/day recommended
  • Prospecting Dynamic Ad - $1/day min, $4-5/day recommended

When auditing the performance of both of these campaigns, look at both of them in the aggregate.

Your remarketing ad is likely to have a significantly higher ROAS because Facebook always ties the purchase back to the last ad someone interacts with before they buy.

Someone might see your prospecting ad a few times and then go to your site and check out an event.

If that person sees a remarketing ad for the event they looked at and then they make a purchase, the remarketing ad will take 100% of the credit for the purchase even though both ads worked together to help drive that sale.

If you're working with a very limited budget and can only afford one campaign, I'd prioritize running the remarketing campaign

Campaign 1: Remarketing Dynamic Event Ad 👋

This campaign will target anyone who looks at one of your upcoming events on your ticketing page with a unique ad for the event they checked out.

This generally is the most profitable Facebook campaign your can every run. As it's marketing all of your events to those who are truly most likely to buy, this campaign will give you insight to whether or not your customers are actually purchasing at this point in time.

The minimum spend for this campaign is $1/day - we recommend starting small here and scaling incrementally as you see fit.

A more detailed walkthrough on this campaign type can be found here 📹

Campaign 2: Prospecting/Sandbox Dynamic Event Ad 🎣

This campaign will advertise your upcoming events to those who are most likely to buy (besides the audience of your Remarketing DEA)

Think of this as a digital calendar ad targeting those most familiar with your org, that will help funnel more traffic into the audience of your remarketing campaign.

You’ll want to target the Facebook Grouped Remarketing Audience, which includes your FB Page and Event Engagers, IG Profile Engagers, Website Traffic, and your list of Past Buyers/Mailing List.

The minimum spend for this campaign is $1/day - we recommend trying to spend $4-5+/day here as it will allow Facebook to better optimize your campaign.

A more detailed walkthrough on this campaign type can be found here 📹


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Dynamic Event Ads - Cost-Effective Multi-Event Marketing for as Low as $60/Month
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