Creating Your First Event Ad Campaign

Edit Objective: Choosing an Objective

The first step in building your campaign is to select an objective and the event you want this campaign to advertise.

What is an Objective? How Do I Choose One?

ToneDen will automatically optimize your ad campaign depending on what you specify in this step.

Using the “Get people to buy tickets on your website” objective is best if your goal is to drive sales.

Choosing this objective will allow you to track revenue and target potential customers who are more likely to complete a certain conversion event, such as making a purchase.


The “Get people to engage with your post or page” objective is best if your offer is not on sale yet and you are looking to drive awareness ahead of time, or if you’re trying to run a Page Likes campaign or Facebook engagement campaign.

Takeaway: Conversion campaigns use conversion tracking to track revenue and allow you target people who are likely to purchase. Learn more about how conversion tracking and conversion campaigns work here.

Choosing a Destination for Your Campaign

After specifying your objective, you'll choose the event you want your campaign to promote.

If you've chosen to run a conversion-based campaign, you can either enter a webpage URL, one of your Eventbrite events, an existing Facebook post, or info from a previous ToneDen campaign.

“Use a link” is best if you would like to send fans to a specific web URL.

“Use a Facebook Post” is best if there is a preexisting Facebook post that you would like to promote and you do not wish to create a new one for the campaign.

You will be able to select any recent post from a Facebook Page that you have Page Advertiser access to from a drop-down menu.

If you cannot find your Facebook post, you can input the Facebook Post ID of the Facebook post you would like to use, so long as you have Facebook Page Advertiser access to the Facebook Page.

Pro Tip: “Use an Eventbrite Event” is best if you'd like to send fans directly to your Eventbrite event listing page. You'll be able to select any one of your active Eventbrite events from a drop-down menu.

Once you're finished with this section, click the green "Update Objective" button on the bottom right side of your screen to proceed.

To navigate to any step of the ad creation process, click on the specific step under the table of contents on the left side of the screen to skip between steps at any time.

Pro Tip: Always try to use “Use an Eventbrite Event” because ToneDen will automatically install your Facebook pixel on the Eventbrite event you select. ToneDen will also automatically pull your event image and details and include them in the “Design Ad” stage.


Edit Objective: Choosing an Objective
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