Creating Target Audiences

How to Target Email Subscribers on Facebook

One of the highest converting and most profitable ways to target fans that are interested in your brand but haven’t necessarily followed you on social media yet is to target fans on your mailing list.

This is especially effective if the people on your mailing list have purchased from your brand in the past.

How to Upload Your Email List to Facebook

You can upload your mailing list to Facebook either before or during the ad creation process.

Before doing so, make sure your contacts are properly formatted into a CSV file. The only mandatory column is “email,” but you can include “First,” “Last,” “City,” “State,” and “Country,” too:

Import your email list into the service by pressing “Add New,” “Facebook,” “Facebook Custom Audience,” followed by selecting “+ Upload An Audience.” From there, press “Select CSV File” and map the appropriate columns to their respective fields and upload the CSV. The service will upload those emails to Facebook as a custom audience. The email audience will appear in the “Template Options” section:


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