Creating Your First Event Ad Campaign

Set-up Campaign: Set a Goal

Select an Event You Want to Optimize For in This Campaign

This is where you can select the specific action you'd like your Facebook Ad campaign to optimize for.

Your event will determine how ToneDen will optimize your campaign’s budget while your ads are live.


You’ll get the best results when selecting an event that aligns with what you'd like to happen as a result of your ads.

For example, if you choose the “Purchase” event, ToneDen will automatically shift budget towards audiences that are getting you the most purchases at the best cost possible.

Tip: Optimize for the “Purchase” event whenever possible to maximize sales.
Takeaway: Setting your goal to the "Purchase" event is more effective for driving sales than optimizing for "Link Clicks." Facebook reports no significant correlation between click-through rates and purchase intent.


Edit Objective: Choosing an Objective
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Basic Details: Event Details
Set-up Campaign: Modify Target Audiences
Set-up Campaign: Set Schedule
Set-up Campaign: Set Budget
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Set-up Campaign: Set a Goal