Marketing for Tours

Tour Marketing for an Artist

Marketing a tour can be challenging in many ways. ToneDen has built a set of tools that make it easy to reach the right fans in the right markets.

Automate Your Tour Advertising

Our easy-to-use software allows you to target multiple audiences in one campaign while our budget optimization will automatically allocate your ad dollar towards the most effective audiences to sell more tickets at the lowest possible cost.

Make Your Data Actionable

We leverage your data to target customized audiences most likely to convert and replicate what’s working across all markets to ensure you have a cohesive tour marketing strategy.

Run Ads that Bring in Ticket Sales

Using our social advertising best practices, you can run a game-winning tour promotion strategy by implementing Conversion campaigns, Event Response ads, and Boosted posts throughout the tour's sales cycle.

Measure and Track Success

Track fans that are clicking into each show and re-market to them within later campaigns to ensure they purchase tickets. You can also leverage ToneDen to track how much it is costs to a move a ticket in each market.

Check out our Tour Marketing Playbooks here.


Tour Marketing for an Artist
Tour Marketing Playbooks