Social Unlocks

What is a Social Unlock?

Want to grow your audience, build your email list, get more streams, or gain followers? A Social Unlock is the tool to help you do so.

Use a Social Unlock to offer a digital item like a downloadable file, coupon code, secret link, or YouTube stream to fans. To unlock the digital item, fans give up their data and complete 1-2 actions that you customize.

We offer the following actions:

  • Connect with Facebook
  • Subscribe to Facebook Messenger
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Tweet Link
  • Follow on Soundcloud
  • Follow on Spotify
  • Play on Spotify
  • Save Track/Album on Spotify
  • Pre-Save Track/Album on Spotify
  • Pre-Add Track/Album on Apple Music
  • Subscribe on YouTube
  • Donate to Charity

Use Social Unlocks to acquire data about your ideal customer, build your email list, and gain insights into your audience.

By toggling to 'Multi Unlock,' you can include two actions for a fan to unlock the item.

Double your rate of social engagement.

Place It Anywhere

Promote your social unlock anywhere on the web using Lasso or an embeddable code.


What is a Social Unlock?
Creating a Social Unlock