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Dynamic Event Ads

  • One campaign to remarket all your events
  • Fans only see ads for shows they are interested in
  • Promoters only need one budget for remarketing
  • Unlimited campaigns and spend

Promote your entire event calendar to the right audiences across Facebook & Instagram with just one automated campaign.

ToneDen creates a catalog of all of your live events, pulled directly from your ticketing platform.

ToneDen creates audiences of everyone visiting specific event pages.

People that are interested in an event are targeted with an ad for that specific event.

Jaw Dropping Results


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Average revenue per day


Average return

“We’ve been able to get ads across our entire event calendar up and running in minutes. We’re using tiny budgets and seeing massive returns with no work on our end. I wish we had this Playbook years ago!"

Pat Shaw
Director of Digital Marketing, Waterfront Concerts

Learn how to create Dynamic Event Ads. It's easy!

Dynamic Event Ads Overview

Getting Started With Dynamic Event Ads

How to Set Up Remarketing DEAs