event playbook

Event On-Sale Playbook

  • Create a perfect ad campaign to increase ticket sales for your event
  • Reach a new and engaged Instagram audience
  • Generate and measure ticket sales with event on-sales

Increase ticket sales for your event on-sale with an Instagram Story ad.

Sell more tickets with Instagram Stories

With 250 million people using Instagram Stories every day, there's no denying their popularity. Instagram Stories are a new way to reach your audience, one that's multimedia and ephemeral—perfect for any of your events. We help you launch a campaign to increase ticket sales via Instagram Stories.

Engage your audience

Running a campaign in an Instagram Story lets you upload multiple creatives. These campaigns lead to more ticket sales—and better customer engagement. Everyone who engages with your Story ad can swipe up to instantly load your ticketing page.

"On the analytics end, it really makes it a lot more seamless to see how you’re spending. It makes the reporting better."

Hayata Ishikawa
Marketing Manager, Avant Gardner