event playbook

Event Pre-Sale Playbook

  • Launch an ad to build engagement around your pre-sale
  • Increase early ticket sales
  • Grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list

Send fans a pre-sale code and promote an upcoming event.

Raise awareness for an event pre-sale

Pre-sales lead to purchases, which lead to selling out your event. But a successful pre-sale means communication: you've got to send fans a pre-sale code and a reminder to use it. We help you design and launch a campaign to get people to message you for a pre-sale code.

Increase early ticket sales

We help you run a successful pre-sale campaign by creating a Facebook ad announcing your event. Fans who comment on the ad will get a message from your page, sending along the pre-sale code. To be sure they use those codes and jump on those early tickets, fans will get another message from your page on the day that pre-sale begins.

"The fans had a positive reaction: everyone was kind of stoked that we were offering them a pre-sale code to a show they were excited about."

Lamont Harper
Marketing Director, Noise Pop

"We can really grow with this kind of thing and make it a part of our pre-sale checklist."

Andrew Huang
Marketing Director, Smart Financial Centre