Spotify Growth Playbook

  • Get more followers and streams as you work toward support from Spotify’s Editorial Playlists
  • Grow your presence on Spotify, whether your artist is On-Cycle or Off-Cycle
  • Create paid marketing campaigns that move qualified fans directly into your Spotify page
  • Tap into Spotify’s global audience through Instagram Stories
  • Reaffirm your results in the Spotify for Artists Dashboard

Our Spotify Growth Playbook makes it easy to increase Spotify streams & followers: as little as $5/day, as low as $0.15/follower.

Rapidly increase your streams & followers on Spotify

Easily create and automate paid marketing campaigns that move qualified fans of similar artists who are heavy Spotify users directly into your artist Spotify page.

Take your Spotify destiny into your own hands

Listeners that will stick around for life. Every time you drop a new record, fans will get notified—plus, your song will be added to their Release Radar playlist and other algorithmic playlists, like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. 

“It gives artists the ability to build out a loyal audience on Spotify so that their future releases are known and consumed by their most dedicated fans."

Paul Crary
Digital Marketing Manager, Position Music

Increase the visibility and demand for your music


Average increase in streamers


Average increase in followers & listeners

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